Links 2/13/11

Links for you. Science:
Women “computers” of World War II (great post, but no reason to put computers in quotes–at the time, computing was a full-time job)
Opposing industrial-scale pig farming — in Europe
One database to hold them all
Anglerfish: Lophius piscatorius
Ravens stressed by ‘gang life’
New Video Shows Planned Parenthood Employees Doing Their Job
Adbusters: The left built Huffington, and we can tear it down too
Speculation is the main driver behind higher world food prices – the evidence is there in the data
The Wrong Crisis: The FCIC forgets the housing bubble
Tyler Cowen and “Act of God” Economics
Beck Follows Goldberg In Cropping Quote About Mussolini, Misattributes It To NY Times

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2 Responses to Links 2/13/11

  1. william e emba says:

    Sigh. The comments on the food price spike article make it very very clear that the poster is an absolute idiot. You do yourself no favors by linking again to this type of trivially refuted alarmism.

  2. I think the quotes in the “computer” article are intended to emphasize that the word is being used in a manner that most people aren’t familiar with. Not many people today realize that “typewriter”, “calculator”, and “computer” used to refer to professions rather than devices.

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