Links 2/11/11

Links for you. Science:
Species, not arbitrary, but not clear & distinct
‘Zombie ants’ controlled by parasitic fungus for 48m years
Exposure to pesticides in womb linked to learning disabilities
Is it time to refer to mitochondria as bacteria?
What will “home computers” look like in the year 2004?
Criticism Intensifies of New Mexico’s Climate Denying Energy Secretary, Harrison Schmitt (as a scientist, Schmitt was always a minor hero to me; too bad he’s a crackpot)
The State of Working America
The Egyptian Army: The Unknown Factor
I Hope HuffPo’s Merger With AOL Works Out Better Than The TimeWarner One Did (the smartest thing I’ve read about the AOL-HuffPo merger)
Florida Foreclosure Mill King David Stern Shows Crime Sure Did Pay
Debunking Myths About Ronald Reagan — A PCTC Special Comment

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  1. william e emba says:

    Sorry, Mike, but you’ve been duped by Photoshop. The “what will a home computer look like in 2004” picture was one of many submitted to a Photoshop contest way back when. That particular image, complete with caption, went viral at the time.

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