I Told You That Counting on Younger Voters Would Be a Problem

If more stable exit polls come in, and younger voters did show up, I’ll take back what I’m about to say (I dig data):

The percentage of younger voters in Iowa was absurdly high.

I told you.
According to ABC News, it looks like about 17% of the New Hampshire electorate was under 30, while in Iowa, the under 30 electorate was 22%. Something to keep in mind.

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5 Responses to I Told You That Counting on Younger Voters Would Be a Problem

  1. Coturnix says:

    There were some rumblings and unconfirmed anecdotes that some of the young-uns at the Iowa caucuses were short-term Illionis imports. Who knows?

  2. ERV says:

    Give away iPhones and Wiis and THEN we will vote 😛
    I jest– All my friends and I vote! We make it peer pressure 😀

  3. Coin says:

    The interesting question to me, if so, is: why was the Iowa election so heavy on young people, and why was NH not? Why was it that the Obama campaign’s attempts to young voters were effective in Iowa, and not here? Was it something about the nature of a caucus versus a primary? Was it about where the Obama campaign focused their GOTV efforts? Did something in the news or polls in the last four days effect turnout? Was it what Coturnix suggests? And if it has something to do with caucus vs primary, then what should we expect to happen in Nevada?

  4. Coin,
    As I suggested in this post, I think have a bunch of college students on break who can spend between 6-10pm on a worknight at a caucus greatly inflated the relative 18-29 turnout.

  5. Just to make another point related to the above: regarding the extremely high relative youth turnout in Iowa, my hunch is that Iowa will be the exception, not the rule.

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