Conservative Exiles: Welcome to Liberalville

Driftglass describes the racist horror that is the Republican base and which is becoming repellent to some conservatives:

The Base is pro-torture for the simple reason that they are sadists and imbeciles; because unless somewhere some Scary Brown Person is being beaten to death with a pipe wrench in their name, they feel empty and impotent and afraid.
Like their slaveholder great-grandfathers, their Jim Crow grandfathers and John Birch daddies, their entire identity is undergirded by an ideology that says – as hateful, cowardly, ignorant and covetous of everyone and everything as they are – nonetheless they are somehow God’s Chosen.
And the only way to reconcile their weakness and powerlessness with their Chosen status is to find an Enemy and make that Enemy pay dearly for the “brokenness” of their universe.
For their political travails, they are given “Liberals” to blame.
For their ignorance, they are offered “Elites” to hate.
To paper over the massive, running sores in their ridiculous perversion of Christianity, they are handed “Evil Secularists” to despise.
For their declining fortunes and imploding standard of living? Uppity women, “affirmative action” and Messicans.
And for everything else skulking out in the long shadows of that big, terrifying place called The Rest of the World? Teh Islamofascists.
But from schoolyard bullying, to gunning down woodland creatures, to wife-beating, to queer-baiting, to cross-burning, to lynching…over the last two centuries, as laws and attitudes have slowly, painfully evolved, the 27% have gradually had both their Divine Justifications and Living Punching Bags stripped away from them.
This has left them naked and alone, with no one onto whom they can vent the existential horror of their failed lives.
Just about all they have left is the torture of Scary Muslims: and just like every other one of their idiotic beliefs, don’t expect them to give it up just because it is wrong and destructive.
With the 27%-ers, the Party of God thought they were building an impregnable electoral fortress.
Turns out instead they built themselves a dungeon.
And now, locked into its darkest cell with the pig people scurrying all around them in the dark, a few Conservatives look out between the bars at the world as it might have been.
At a Better Universe where rational discussions of Immigration, Faith or National Security could be conducted between adults without being drowned out by the squeal of the scum if the nation.
To which I can only say, welcome to Liberalville, bitches!

Hatred is one tiger that can never be successfully ridden.

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