Some Sunday Links

It’s super surgetastic, surgegasmic (surgical?) Surging Sunday. Here are some links for you. Science first:

  1. If you have had MRSA, please take this survey. If you know someone else who has, please forward the link.
  2. Imagine if we could wipe out the AIDS/HIV epidemic, and we did nothing. You don’t have to imagine it–it’s called annual influenza.
  3. Bee colony collapse is associated with a virus.
  4. Paul Rosenberg describes the Surge in the War on Global Warming.
  5. ScienceBlogling Razib describes some new research about amylase production in humans: starchy selection!
  6. Quixote divides stem cell research into three parts.
  7. Why you should learn biology: so you don’t humiliate yourself in public.

Other stuff:

  1. My take on the statistics of the Surge.
  2. I see demon (worshiper)s. In a related post, Brian describes his previous life as an exorcist.
  3. Got Klan? Send in the Klowns!
  4. Speaking of racism, here’s a must-read post about the permanence of overt racism in America.
  5. ScienceBlogling Bora has a superb post about false journalistic balance.
  6. Michael Lewis has a great satirical post about how the poor take advantage of rich lenders.
  7. ScienceBlogling Nick tells us about the emerging role of blogs in Democratic politics.
  8. Democrats need to hold the line on economic issues (fat chance…).
  9. The Brookings Institute is just another right-wing faith tank.
  10. Generation X: a generation at (health) risk.
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