The Majority of Iowa Republicans Hate America

Yes, I’m kidding. But there’s a new poll which should make every Republican political operative and politician terrified. From Strategic Vision, a Republican polling firm:

4. Do you favor a withdrawal of all United States military from Iraq within the next six months? (Republicans Only)
Yes 51%
No 39%
Undecided 10%

Not beginning a withdrawal in six months if Iraq becomes more stable, a brigade of magical unicorns shows up, and so forth. Iowa Republicans want us out in six months. Gone. Outta (t)here. I’m not sure that we can even do that logistically, without spiking most of our heavy equipment. I guess we better get started….
Oh, and the Democrats are afraid of Bush because…..?

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5 Responses to The Majority of Iowa Republicans Hate America

  1. Joshua says:

    Because of the codpiece, of course.

  2. Chief says:

    fifty-one percent of Repubs want us out and only nine percent see Bush as in the mold of Reagan and 47% want the Repub candidate to be in the mold of Reagan. Iowa Repubs don’t think much of our President, do they ?

  3. SLC says:

    OT but pertinent. The liberal blogasphere had better wake up to an initiative on the California ballot next June which, if approved, would divide the states electoral vote based on the popular vote. This is nothing but an attempt by the Rethuglicans to steal the 2008 election as there is no way a Democrat can get elected without all 55 of Californias’ elcetoral votes.

  4. I’m not scared. However much Iowa Republicans hate America, they hate Charles Darwin more.

  5. DuWayne says:

    Oh, and the Democrats are afraid of Bush because…..?
    Umm, do you really want an honest opinion?
    Ehh, I would assume you do. Because they’re politicians, far more concerned with party power than actually doing anything for America and Americans. Far more concerned with what they (mistakenly) perceive as the will of people that vote against them, rather than for the polis they actually cast a vote for. They honestly don’t seem to give a damn about the will of the people who actually voted for them. Shorter version, they’re a passel of fucking morons (with a few exceptions).

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