Links 8/29/13

Links for you. Science:

Lab equipment for cheap — if you don’t mind dents
Uncertainties in Assembly: Communicating and Managing the Truth About Our Data
New Mass. sales tax angers, confuses tech firms
The ‘Serious Scientist Myth’: Why Do We Think Most Scientists Don’t Talk to Reporters? (They Do.)


Pinching Pensions to Keep Wall Street Fat and Happy (“While elites routinely preach the sanctity of contract when it works to benefit the rich and powerful, they are happy to treat the contracts that provide workers with pensions as worthless scraps of paper”)
How the NSA’s boss can believe his agency’s own propaganda (very good and important)
23 Signs You’re Secretly a Narcissist Masquerading as a Sensitive Introvert
The Misery of Being Merely Upper Middle Class: The Haves Demand Sympathy For Not Being Have-Mores
Which place is friendlier, Starbucks or a local Boston coffee shop?
Quincy Market opens
Tea Party Now Covering News for Washington Post (the dawn of the Jeff Bezos era is inauspicious)
Your Friends’ Privacy Settings Matter More Than Yours
Religion and Monetary Policy: Is There a Difference?
Who will fight the beauty bias? It’s deep, unconscious, and surprisingly universal—and means beautiful people get a much better deal. But righting injustice isn’t easy when no one wants to call themselves plain.
An NYC High Rise Is Putting In Separate Entrances For Rich And Poor Renters (not an Onion headline)
Ted Cruz at Princeton: Creepy, Sometimes Well Liked, and Exactly the Same

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