Devil Take the Hindmost as Public Policy: The War on the Blind

This is why friends don’t let friends vote for Republican governors and legislators (boldface mine):

A service used by about 3,000 blind people in Michigan to access newspapers and magazines is to be shut off this week because the state cut funding, the provider said Monday.

The state no longer wants to pay the $52,000 annual cost of the NFB-Newsline service, which provides 24/7 free audio access to about 360 local, national and international newspapers and magazines, including the Free Press and five other Michigan newspapers, said Scott White, who directs the service for the National Federation of the Blind in Baltimore….

Georgia Kitchen of Flint, who is blind and volunteers as a state coordinator of News­line, said the service provides blind people not just with news, but with leads on jobs through classified ads and information about things going on in the community.

Losing the service will make blind people “more isolated,” Kitchen said…

Seniors, who are used to newspapers and aren’t always adept with computers, are particularly dependent on the service, said Larry Posont, president of the National Federation of the Blind of Michigan.

In a nation that uses infrared technology to flush toilets and operate sinks, we can do this.

Just how lost and damned must one be to do this awful thing? We are governed by sociopaths.

Anger is the appropriate emotion.

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  1. joemac53 says:

    I’m about ready to get arrested for some civil disobedience. Wisconsin? Michigan? New York City? NSA,are you there?

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