Some Sunday Links

It’s a hot Sunday, particularly since my building’s fucking air conditioning conked out (and I get to live on the top floor). But here’s your links anyway. Science firstest:

  1. It’s the annual influenza epidemic stupid. N =1 suggests that nurses need to play a role preventing this epidemic.
  2. Here’s an…interesting vaccination strategy to treat travellers’ diarrhea.
  3. ScienceBlogling Chris at Mixing Memory lays out why that story about women innately preferring pink is hooey.
  4. ScienceBlogling John Wilkins discusses bacterial speciation.
  5. Heretic ScienceBlogling Razib explains why he doesn’t like the concept of overdominance.
  6. GrrlScientist sees Evil Monkeys.
  7. Here’s a cool resource for arthropod lovers: Bug Guide.

Other stuff:

  1. maha has the must-read post of the week about the power of right wing myths.
  2. Sara Robinson has some great commentary about the Michael Vick affair.
  3. ScienceBlogling Mike Dunford asks how many more soldiers have to die to protect tax cuts. While we’re on the subject, here’s a good post (with a misleading title) about why we pay taxes.
  4. Kathy G explains why she hates The New Republic.
  5. From Crooked Timber comes a reminder that invading countries for reasons other than self-defense, as opposed to ‘vital interests’, is a violation of international law.
  6. ScienceBlogling John Wilkins calls for operational tolerance in the atheism-religion debate.
  7. Regarding that housing loan debacle, it’s going to screw low-income renters.
  8. Lindsay reminds us about the potential danger that Christian religious extremists present.
  9. Here’s the college list that matters: the worst colleges in the U.S.
  10. Matt Taibbi describes the Great Iraqi Swindle.
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