The Cost of Operation Iraqi Clusterf-ck…

…to me. Or at least, to the residents of my congressional district. has a district-by-district list of what your congressional district’s contribution to the Iraqi War and Occupation could have bought instead. For me, a resident of Massachusetts’ Eight District:

*The cost to Massachusetts taxpayers alone is $12.89 billion.
*Taxpayers in the 8th congressional district are paying $998 million for the Iraq war.
What Citizens of Massachusetts’s 8th District Could Have Gotten Instead:
· Health care coverage for 290,837 people–or 363,877 kids, or
· Head Start for 118,751 additional kids, or
· 14,799 new elementary school teachers, or
· 107,667 scholarships to make college more affordable, or
· Renewable electricity for 1,557,484 homes, or
· 3,470 affordable housing units, or
· 20,109 public safety officers to keep the streets safe, or
· 15,013 port container inspectors for Massachusetts

But we got Saddam!

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