Some Sunday Links

Someone has to hold down the fort while the rest of my ScienceBloglings are frolicking in New York City. Here’s some science:

  1. Here’s why you should run controls.
  2. That zinc you’re taking to stop colds? Erm, maybe not so much.
  3. Revere argues that too many people are playing with anthrax.
  4. Dan Quixote has a nice primer on evolution for the non-scientist.
  5. Quixote critiques movies on their science.

The other stuff:

  1. Maha and I discuss conservatives. More from her here, and I have some more thoughts too.
  2. Paul Abrams gives the definitive reckoning of the Karl Rove era.
  3. An ob/gyn writes letters.
  4. The religious right is still nutty bonkers: ScienceBlogling Ed, and Sara Robinson.
  5. While we’re on the subject of the religious right, Amanda describes how the war that the theopolitical right believes is ordained by God has led to prostitution.
  6. On the other hand, some religious groups are actually showing signs of sanity.
  7. Here’s a good primer for rebutting conservative talking points about healthcare.
  8. Someone at DailyKos actually thinks people there should discuss ideology, because opposing Bush isn’t enough.
  9. Ezra Klein on Bill Richardson’s ‘anti-deficit’ blather.
  10. Rick Perlstein on the failure of the conservative’s “Creative Society.”
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