Even More on Ignatieff

I don’t mean to make this into an anti-Ignatieff blog, but there are two more great posts about his idiocy: one by ScienceBlogling and “embarrased” Canadian James Hrynyshyn, the other by David Rees.

ScienceBlogling James writes:

There real reason why so many academics, from the hard sciences and the social field, opposed the war is it was a stupid idea, one that could only serve to strengthen the enemies of democracy and reason. It’s the same thing when it comes to scientific issues like climate change, or evolution or stem cells, or abstinence-only sex education. The Bush administration isn’t populated by complete idiots. The administration knows full well where the science stands on global warming and evolution, that embryonic stem cells offer enormous potential to reduce suffering and that abstinence-only programs don’t work. It’s just that they care more about making certain special interests happy and rich today than they do about making good policy for the long term.

Rees’ post is an absolute gut-buster–I haven’t laughed out loud while reading a political piece in a long time. Here’s a tiny bit, but you should really read the entire post to get the full effect:

In a way, it’s a story much like Cormac McCarthy’s recent best-selling “The Road.” Both follow a hero’s long march through thankless environments– in Ignatieff’s case, from the theory-throttled, dusty tower of academia to the burned-out hell-hole of representative politics. Danger lurks. Grime abounds. The narrative tension is: Can the hero be wrong about everything, survive, and still convince people he’s smarter than everyone in Moveon.org?
I was excited when I first saw this new essay: At last, Ignatieff was going to come clean about his super-duper-double-dipper errors. I expected a no-holds barred, personal excoriation. In fact, I assumed the first, last, and only sentence of the essay would be: “Please, for the love of God, don’t ever listen to me again.”
The first nine-tenths of Ignatieff’s essay, far from being an honest self-examination, is a collection of vague aphorisms and bong-poster koans. It hums with the comforting murmur of lobotomy.

And that’s not even the funny part….

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3 Responses to Even More on Ignatieff

  1. Loc says:

    That was Hilarious

  2. Loc says:

    Best part of the peice:
    “You anti-war people have got to admit, Ignatieff has you nailed. You dumb-asses who were right about everything for the wrong reasons, instead of wrong about everything for the right reasons. You lose.
    I was rolling.

  3. Barry says:

    Somebody was passing around a quote from a French stalinist, back in the 1950’s, after Kruschev’s speech made it impossible to ignore Stalin’s evils:
    “Our kind was right to be wrong; your kind was wrong to be right”.
    Sums it up quite nicely.

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