My Microbe Article About Cefquinome

The misuse of cefquinome has been a pet peeve of mine. Well, I have a commentary in ASM’s Microbe about this topic: “Cefquinome: when Regulation Collides with Biology.”

It might be boring because I don’t use, erm, colorful, blogtopian language, but it still might interest you.

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2 Responses to My Microbe Article About Cefquinome

  1. Paul Orwin says:

    Hey Mike, nice article. Unfortunately, the “beta” came out badly (symbols always do in plaintext). Maybe the website manager can fix it? I completely agree with your assessment. One issue with antibiotic resistance in general is that people are quick to understand (correctly) the argument about human medical misuse and overuse, but slow to understand the environmental, industrial, and agricultural paths to human pathogen antibiotic resistance.

  2. Paul,
    thanks for the kind words.

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