FaithReligion-Based Earmarks

While this particular program on behalf of a religious organization is not nearly as bad as the government-sanctioned anti-Semitism run out of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives*, it still is yet another example of why government and religion require a strict separation:

While all earmarks are troublesome to critics like Mr. Ellis, who called the Canvasback gift an “utter indictment of earmarks,” those made for faith-based groups involve special questions about the constitutional borders between church and state.
The Coast Guard ships were given to Canvasback for a secular purpose, providing medical services. But Mr. Spence said Canvasback did not isolate the sales proceeds; instead it mingled them with its general revenues, which also cover activities that include evangelism. And under most court decisions, evangelism cannot be paid for with federal grants.

I do not want my tax dollars subsidizing the establishment of another religion, particularly one that, in the U.S. anyway, manifests itself as an anti-science cult.
*To this day, I do not understand why the Democrats did not make serious political mischief out of this (and it would have the added advantage of being the right thing to do). Get Tom Lantos out there in a short sleeved shirt asking why Jewish organizations were denied funding. Once again, the Democrats are the most hapless political party in recorded history.

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  1. Michael Schmidt says:

    I wonder whether the Democrats are so much hapless as overwhelmed. So many battles, so few people and money. The rich are willing to contribute to the Republicans, because they see it as a good investment towards the goal of remaining rich and increasing their wealth, so there is plenty of money to fund Institutes, Think Tanks, and Advocacy Groups to go on the attack. Meanwhile, Democrats are giving money to organizations that actually DO things and don’t have as much money left over for Metaphorical Megaphones. So a lot of the time Republicans look more poltically competent, just because they have a lot of people being paid just to make noise.

  2. whig says:

    Try and put a financial value on the political blogs and the remarkable consensus we have been able to build across such a vast array of issues.
    The Democratic party needs us more than we need the party. I am leaning towards casting a ballot for John Edwards, but I do also endorse Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson. I would hope for all of them to be part of the next cabinet.
    I am pleased that all of them have expressed deference to the people of California to set its laws regulating medical marijuana. The removal of cannabis prohibition in thirteen states will be accomplished in a matter of days from now.

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