Maybe Democrats Are Just Stupid?

I used to think that Democratic politicians were trying to be too clever by half, and consequently screwed things up. Then I started to think that many are actually quite conservative, so they’re just reverting to form–most of them don’t have a tiny liberal inside of them, struggling to be free. After reading this exchange with a Democratic canvasser (something I used to do), I think the party has been taken over (or at least seriously infiltrated) by fucking morons (italics mine):

When I explained my stance and rationale [for not donating to the national party] to the woman on the phone, she brought up the Iraq war supplemental and told me that “we” couldn’t leave our troops over there without supplies, which was why some sort of funding bill had to be passed. I responded that she shouldn’t be using Republican talking points and from there the conversation got a little bit heated, with her telling me that the troops in Iraq would “starve” without the money from the supplemental. Really. That’s what she told me. The troops would “starve”.
I said that any President who would leave the troops to starve rather than bring them home sounded like someone who ought to be impeached, and she said that there weren’t enough votes to impeach him. I thought that there probably would be if there were actually 150,000 troops starving in Iraq, but said instead that the House — with a 30-vote Democratic margin — could conceivably pass impeachment articles at any time. She responded that the Senate would bottle up the conviction. Again, I thought of the 150,000 starving troops and the various Republicans (or Democrats or Independent Democrats) who would have to get on board to let that happen, but right about then the conversation ended.
I do feel sorry for the woman. I don’t know where she was from, but it sounded like the Midwest. And I can’t help but think that even for a Democratic fundraiser it might not be a particularly great time to be hitting donors up for money, but I might have been suspicious that Democratic fundraisers have picked up the RNC callers laid off last week if I hadn’t already heard the same damn arguments from long-time Democrats.

That’s what bothers me about Sen. Clinton. When she claims that we are safer now than before 9/11, I don’t think she’s saying that out of political opportunism, I think she means it. Not so bright, that one.

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8 Responses to Maybe Democrats Are Just Stupid?

  1. Jessika says:

    It’s also bothering me that the Dems are increasing funding for abstinence only programs from one side of their mouths, while saying they are going to get rid of them on the other side. Funny that this isn’t in the MSM, just around blogs.

  2. Don says:

    The problem with expecting rational thought from Dems or GOPpers is that you’re looking at the wrong goal. The goal of the Democratic and Republican parties is to grab and keep power over you, your money and this massive rolling stone called “our” country.
    For principled, rational thought, look at Libertarians… However, note that they don’t get elected and generally don’t accumulate much money.

  3. Edward says:

    “For principled, rational thought, look at Libertarians”
    I will grant that Libertarians tend to be principled…

  4. Joshua says:

    Well, my impression of Libertarians is that they do draw logical conclusions… from flawed (not to mention unexamined and often unstated) assumptions, which rather spoils the whole exercise.

  5. AlanSmithee says:

    #1 The Iraq Supplemental does not, repeat, NOT fund basic supplies such as food, ammunition, etc. That’s already well paid for.
    #2 The idea that the Pentagon would be stupid enough to try to “strand” 150,000 HEAVILY ARMED SOLDIERS in Iraq is beyond ludicrous.
    #3 Otherwise, pretty much what Don said. I would also say the same for the average Green and most Independent candidates.

  6. darrelplant says:

    Thanks for the link, Mike.

  7. scienceteacherinexile says:

    Re: Jessika
    I think in the US this is bad enough, but come to Africa and see what a tragedy this has created. I have been here for 9 years, and a lot of money for HIV/AIDS programs comes from the US, and yes a lot of it has “abstinence only” education tagged on. This has, to me, made a farce of the movement that so many here give everything to promote. The culture here is so different than the US. There are people, MANY people, who are well educated, and know how to help, but how when they are under-funded and the money that comes is under the condition that you can’t supply condoms, etc., only to send people to say “just don’t do it”. It’s sad.

  8. John says:

    For a party that believes in creationism, denies global warming, and thinks that they can impose western civilization on anyone, I personally find most republicans as fucking morons.
    If you’re correct, then the goverment is run by 100% retards. That sounds encouraging!

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