Some Sunday Links

Lotsa links for ya. First, the science:

  1. Republican evolution-deniers: it’s about the science.
  2. Mark H tells us about ascidians, my first study organism.
  3. ScienceBlogling Rob sets us straight on what stochastic means.
  4. Sadly, No! comments on some AEI faithtank ponderings about evolution.
  5. If you haven’t seen them already, here’s a photo gallery of the Creationist Museum.
  6. ScienceBlogling Josh interprets some polling data about evolution.
  7. I don’t think it’s a good idea that internet service providers plan to start charging for guaranteed delivery of emails.

Other stuff:

  1. The must-read of the week: Paris Hilton for president. No, really.
  2. My goodness! A leading progressive blogger realizes that “we are not a partisan movement and should no longer think of ourselves as such. We are an ideological movement. We have ideas, and want to see those ideas driven with power.” About fucking time.
  3. Mark Kleiman has six theses on immigration.
  4. Burke, the Great Writ, and enemy combatants.
  5. Evil Bible tells us the Top Ten Signs You’re a Fundamentalist Christian.
  6. Conservative operative Paul Weyrich lets the cat out of the bag: conservatives don’t want everyone to vote.

  7. Israeli historian Tom Segev looks back at the Six Day War.
  8. Rick Perlstein has an interesting review of Chinese-U.S. relations.
  9. Driftglass depicts the Lone Gunman Presidency. And the Vice President is still a thug.
  10. Brad Delong wonders why coverage of presidential candidates can’t focus on how they would govern.
  11. Rick Perlstein eviscerates David Broder.
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2 Responses to Some Sunday Links

  1. Steven says:

    Why are photo’s of the creation museum under the heading science stuff. Hope that is a typo.

  2. SLC says:

    Tom Segev is about as reliable a source of information on Israel as Norman Finkelstein, who was just denied tenure at DePaul University. His lies and distortions have been totally discredited by historian Michael Oren.

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