Some Sunday Links

Lots of links clogging up the internet tubes. First, the science:

  1. If you’re not a science blogger, I have a simple suggestion for how you can help fight the anti-science stupidity.
  2. Here’s why I think vaccination shouldn’t be employed against E. coli O157:H7.
  3. Here is a bacterial threat we can do something about: KPC.
  4. I have some thoughts about that Cell article on blogging.
  5. IDist George Gilder isn’t a visionary: he’s just very good at confusing things biologists successfully teach to 15-20 year olds.
  6. Speaking of the ‘information precedes matter’ bullshit, PZ takes down Roy Varghese.
  7. Lawyers, Guns and Money has a very nice takedown of the ‘anti-evolution’ Three (Republicans) and their conservative fellow travelers.
  8. Kathy at Shakesville points out that there’s nothing new about conservatives and Social Darwinism. PZ does too.
  9. Mark H explains why piping plovers are threatened.
  10. Could maggots stop MRSA?

The other stuff:

  1. Wolfrum tells us how to bring civility to your blog. About time someone set us Dirty Fucking Hippies straight…
  2. Edward Luttwak asks why Middle East experts get it so wrong, and comes up with some surprising answers.
  3. Dave Neiwert describes the New Racism.
  4. Glenn Greenwald describes who is behind The Politico. After reading it, why is the Politico not seen as anything other than a right-wing propaganda arm?
  5. Not only is former MA governor Mitt Romney a scumbag who would make it easier for suicidal teens to kill themselves in order to score points with the ‘Christian’ base, but he’s also an idiot when it comes to the Middle East.
  6. If the U.S. news media had a tenth of the balls Lydia Cacho does, we would be a lot better off.
  7. Speaking of journalism, Scott Horton describes the U.S. War on Journalists.
  8. Cookie Jill makes a funny about the “Commander Guy.”
  9. Jameson Foser notes that Democrats are asked hard questions about how they would fix things, while Republicans get softballs. Your liberal media at work…
  10. Chris Bowers calls bullshit on supposedly ‘anti-war’ Democrats.
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