You Can’t Defeat the…

…panda cuteness. In honor of Amanda of Pandagon becoming a famous and financially compensated blogger, I present you this photo montage:

Edwards blogging headquarters
Staff photo
Check out the panda on the right. What’s he doing?
Let’s hit the bar
Office cubicle action photo
Office cubicle action photo
Campaigning is hard

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9 Responses to You Can’t Defeat the…

  1. coturnix says:

    Oh, so that’s why there are so many Chinese technicians in lab coats around the Headquarters! I thought it had something to do with Panda’s Thumb moving to this area. The Triangle should be renamed Pandatown or something….

  2. Awwwww, thanks. Now that I’m going to be wedged between DC and Atlanta, I can probably take a side trip to see a panda in person.

  3. SLC says:

    Re Amanda Marcotte
    Mr. Edwards should be required to explain why he has appointed an individual in charge of his blog who has shown total irresponsibility in her discussions of the Duke so called rape case. Ms. Marcotte has continued to slime the Duke lacrosse players after it has become clear to all disinterested parties that the case is a crock of s***. Attached are two links attesting to Ms. Marcottes irresponsible ravings.

  4. Michael Schmidt says:

    Good point, SLC! Candidates should have to explain why every one of their staffers are not perfect in every thought, word and deed. That way they won’t have time to actually think about important issues facing our nation! Actually, it would be great if we applied that to Presidents, too–would we have ever started a war with Iraq if the President was busy accounting for the flaws of Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, Harriet Myers, Jeff Guckert, Donald Rumsfeld, Michael Brown, Tom Ridge, Ari Fleischer, Tony Snow….

  5. Chromosome Crawl says:

    OK, admittedly slightly OT, but do those pics make anyone else want to quit their day job and find some excuse to seek employment in a panda nursery? I mean, they’ve GOT to have some need for someone with mad DNA sequencing skillz in addition to animal care skills…..

  6. SLC says:

    Re Michael Schmidt
    1. Mr. Bush has been judged as to the qualities of his appointments and has been found to be very much wanting. When an appointee is found to be incompetent (e.g. Rumsfeld, Miers, Brown), crooked (e.g. Cheney, Libby), or a lier (e.g. Snow, Rove), this reflects on the competence of the appointer.
    2. The issue isn’t whether Mr. Turcotte is less then a perfect human being. None of us are. The question is whether she is irresponsible. Mr. Edwards was a very successful plaintiffs’ attorney and is a member of the bar. As a distinguished attorney, he should know that the type of invective Ms. Turcotte engaged in relative to the Duke accuseds was inappropriate and irresponsible. According to the links I posted, she called them rapists before any trial has occurred, and continued to assail them, even after it became clear to everybody except Wendy Murphy that the charges were a pile of s***. In Ms. Turcotte, he has appointed someone who apparently shoots from the hip and arrives at conclusions based not on evidence but on personal prejudice. Now Mr. Schmidt may consider that the plight of Evans, Finnerty, and Seligmann is of little consequence. I beg to differ. District Attorney Nifong by his unconciounable actions has undoubtly made it harder for real rape victims to obtain justice.

  7. Kristin says:

    Yes, because until the Duke case came along, it was so easy for real rape victims to obtain justice in the first place. Piece of cake, really, and that’s why all rapists are in jail now being punished for their crimes. Right? Oh wait…

  8. Kristin says:

    And by the way, what kind of person sees those cute pictures of incredibly cute pandas, and then robotically starts bitching about Amanda’s politics? Methinks he’s a little obsessed.

  9. SLC says:

    Re Kristin
    Ms. Kristin, you bet I am obsessed by this case. The damage done to the three accused by an unethical prosecutor will be long lasting, not to mention the financial cost to their families for legal counsel. There is no question that real rape victims have a hard row to hoe in getting justice. That’s why it is irresponsible of the Michael Nifongs, the Amanda Turcottes, the Wendy Murphys, the Nancy Graces, the Gloria Allreds the Lisa Blooms etc. of the world to make it even harder by jumping the gun and getting caught supporting false claims (for instance, Wendy Murphy has publically stated that there is no such thing as a false charge of rape). Every time a claim of rape is proved false, it becomes harder for a true claim to be taken seriously. Somehow, I don’t think that that is what Ms. Kristin has in mind. In particular, Nifong should be criminally held accountable for his actions for sliming the entire Duke lacrosse team and illegally witholding evidence from the defense lawyers. The others should be held accountable for their actions by being banned from cable talk shows.

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