I See Stupid People: The Congressman Walter Jones Edition

Congressman Walter Jones, at a press conference calling for displays of nativity scenes on public property (because that is the most important issue facing the Republic):

There is no future for America unless the Judeo-Christian foundation of America is protected.

Nativity scenes aren’t exactly, well, Judeo. I should know: I’m a Judeoist.

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3 Responses to I See Stupid People: The Congressman Walter Jones Edition

  1. Joshua says:

    Silly Mike! Everyone knows that Jews are just Christians who haven’t been converted yet.

  2. Goldstein says:

    I really though it was stupid for the Rabbi to make the stink about the Christmas trees.
    So what?
    By they way, have you noticed that Richard Dawkins hates Jews? On pages 4 and 44 of his delutional book he rails against the “notorious” (his word) JEWISH LOBBY!
    Conspiracy theory anyone?
    Now THERE is something for the Rabbit to bellyache about!

  3. stogoe says:

    At last! Proof that Madison over at RSR is a Goldenshower sockpuppet.

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