Some Sunday Monday Links

I was at a meeting yesterday about antibiotic drug development, so this week’s links are a day late. Here’s the science stuff:

  1. Some colleagues and I write a letter to the FDA about the possible approval of the antibiotic cefquinome for use in agriculture.
  2. Global warming exists: ask the insurance companies.
  3. The Discovery Channel Store thinks girls hate science. Amanda, Lindsay, and Shakes disagree.
  4. Cornelia Dean writes an interesting article about some of the fundamental intellectual differences between lawyers and scientists.
  5. Don’t think that the Democratic victory will stop the Republican War on the Environment.
  6. The scandal at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) is even worse than we thought.
  7. I post about the connection between good working conditions for nurses and MRSA.
  8. Esther Lederberg, discoverer of lambda phage, has died.

The other stuff:

  1. Matt Taibbi describes why no one will do anything with the ISG report.
  2. R.J. Eskow declares war on the politicized Christmas.

  3. Perhaps the ISG commission wanted to show just how crazy Little Lord Pontchartrain really is…
  4. Glenn Greenwald describes the principal sin of the ISG report: it has misdefined the ‘center’ of public opinion.
  5. Bush still hasn’t figured out any specific goals for Iraq. That’s what he is going to tell us Dec. 18th.
  6. Digby writes about the relationship between Iraq and the Baby Boomer World War II fantasy. I don’t know whether to be angry or sad.
  7. An argument for impeachment: Bush is too delusional to function as president.
  8. Steve Gilliard thinks William Donohue is an anti-Semitic bigot. The Mad Biologist agrees.
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2 Responses to Some Sunday Monday Links

  1. Blair says:

    Anti semitic bigots?
    So what?
    You hate Christians.
    And you know you think you are better than everyone else.
    So whats the beef?
    There is plenty of hate to go around.
    YOu and Donahue are birds of a feather.

  2. Blader says:

    disappointing that you harp on the same old same old and overlook a stunning new finding in the soy product field

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