Some Sunday Links

Got it in under the wire. Here’s some interesting links for you:

  1. Steve Gilliard‘s take on how the Republicans came to power, maintained their coalition, and are now imploding. I don’t know if I agree, but it’s an entertaining read.
  2. Tara fills us in on the idiot who’s running for Lt. Governor in Iowa.
  3. digby on the Republican hypocrisy about the Gay Konspiracy[link to me].
  4. Joe Lieberman’s out of the closet. And he’s a Republican.
  5. digby on the links between the religious right and the political right.
  6. Maybe the Democrats can do well in the South, after all?
  7. According to maha, the New Young Republicans are even more awful than the Old ones.
  8. Another good political retrospective by Gilliard.
  9. It’s all about the pufferfish, baby.
  10. Jurrasic Pork writes about the Job Corps, Democrats, and second chances.
  11. I found a neat game of bingo: Yellow Elephant Bingo.
  12. In Iraq, democracy is on the march, unless Little Lord Pontchartrain doesn’t like said democracy. Then, not so much marching.
  13. Tara has done some more digging, and the Iowa Republican Party has officially endorsed creationist idiocy. Hopefully, our valiant War on Christmas will provide relief to our brave brothers and sisters of the Evilutionist Brigades, Iowa section…
  14. Kevin has some footage and commentary about a riot (it really can’t be called a brawl) that broke out at a University of Miami football game.
  15. Democrat Rep. Jack Murtha on being a ‘Defeatocrat‘.
  16. Have the Republicans lost an entire generation of voters?
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