Romney’s Ready for Republican Prime Time

First, Republican MA Gov. Romney cozies up to Dobson and Perkins on Faith Sunday (and let’s not forget his elimination of the funding for suicide prevention and outreach for gay teens–because if they’re dead, then they can’t be TEH GAY!). Now, he apparently lied about conducting Big Dig safety inspections.

Cynical use of religious right? Check.

Incompetence, followed by lying that results in dead people? Check.

He’s ready for the national stage…

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1 Response to Romney’s Ready for Republican Prime Time

  1. Brian X says:

    Romney is, how you say, not a politician. He is fundamentally a businessman, and runs the state like a businessman, and it shows. I can almost guarantee you that, were he to get the GOP nomination, he’d still get blown out of the water in Massachusetts — there’s a reason he’s not running in ’06, and it’s not because of his presidential ambitions. He ran as a moderate and has governed as a conservative in one of the few states where hard-core conservatism is still widely and justly laughed at.
    The thing that sucks about all this is that his Lt Governor, Kerry Healey, actually has a decent shot at succeeding him because her Democratic opponent won’t man up and commit to an opinion.

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