The Tripoli Six and the Republican Torture Bill

Many of my fellow ScienceBloglings have discussed the six foreign healthcare workers (the ‘Tripoli Six‘) who are falsely accused of infecting Libyan children (Jake, Orac, Tara, Razib, David, coturnix, Kevin, Janet, Revere, John, Abel). Apparently, some have ‘confessed’ to doing this. Why did some of the six foreign healthcare workers in Libya claim that they exposed children to HIV when there is no evidence that they actually did so?

Because they were tortured.

(That rumbling noise you’re hearing is the sound of conservative fear-based ideology cracking under the blows of reality).

If you need any more evidence that torture does not reveal the truth, but, instead, confirms what the torturers want to hear, you need look no further than the Tripoli Six. But if it’s good enough for Gaddafi, it’s good enough for us Republicans…

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