Paul Waldman Kicks John Stossel’s Ass

And one of my favorite liberal wonks was wearing glasses while doing so. That has to hurt. Seriously, Waldman did a brilliant thing: he shifted the discussion onto his terms. Instead of the storyline being “liberals are mean to Bill O’Loofa O’Reilly”, it became “why can’t conservatives respond to criticism in any other way than crying ‘Smear'”? Nicely done.

(link here)
A completely unrelated aside: Our Benevolent Seed Overlords want a picture of the Mad Biologist for their own nefarious purposes. So I ask you: what do you think a Mad Biologist would look like? Click here to offer your opinions.

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  1. apalazzo says:

    The sad thing is that Stossel is the son of a prominent Laboratory head (and actin researcher) here at Harvard.

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