Massachusetts Primary Tomorrow

Here are my endorsements for various Democratic candidates in the MA primary (held tomorrow; go to the MA state website for more information). I figure my endorsement is worth…one vote.

I’ve left off the uncontested candidates–no point in wasting bandwith.
Governor: Deval Patrick. Gabrielli has a long, glorious history of losing in nearly every election he’s ever run in. Reilly is not that great on several issues, including taxes, and in the last debate, he appeared, well, unhinged. The cincher for me is that Patrick is the only one who isn’t promising to cut taxes. That means he’s honest, as well as realistic about the effect tax cuts have on increasing governmental efficiency (little or none at all).
Lt. Governor: Deborah Goldberg. I actually think both candidates are pretty good based on their records and experienced, but, Goldberg seems to have thought more about policies for the future. It’s pretty close though.
Secretary of State: John Bonifaz. The job not only monitors elections, but also regulates the securities industry. Bonifaz has been a pioneer in voting rights and campaign-finance reform. Unlike Galvin, he’s not associated with a party machine.
State Senate, Second Suffolk: Sonia Chang-Díaz. She’s as good as Wilkerson on the issues, but unlike Wilkerson, Chang-Diaz has her shit together: she can collect signatures, and she doesn’t have a long history of financial ‘irregularities’ (and tax fraud). Besides, wouldn’t it be great to have a politician that can talk about education because she has actually been an educator? Chang-Diaz is honest, and good on the issues too. I’m actually excited about this race.
Register of Deeds: Mickey Roache. Roache actually has experience doing this job. I haven’t heard too many complaints. Of course, why this position is elected is puzzling…
Clerk of SJC, Suffolk: I just don’t care. It’s a toss-up (and another job that should be appointed).
Clerk of Sup. Court-Criminal, Suffolk: Robert J. Dello Russo. This is one case where I’m voting against someone (Maura Henningan). She’s a former councilman, he’s a competent clerk–and not a former politician looking for a sinecure.

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2 Responses to Massachusetts Primary Tomorrow

  1. apalazzo says:

    Yes I hope that Deval Patrick wins. (Looks like it will happen!)

  2. Sir Oolius says:

    If I were a MA voter, that’s how I’d go too…I’m still registered in Philly, tho, b/c I still share an apartment there.
    I met Bonifaz, Chang-Diaz, and Wilkerson at the last Boston Drinking Liberally. I had no idea Wilkerson had such a record of [putative] corruption. I’m not so sure about Bonifaz, but I’m too new to this area to know about the incumbent…
    Remember, though: Primary day falls on talk-like-a-pirate day this year! Avast, Deval is a salty sea dog! [that’s a good thing]

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