Some Sunday Links

Here’s some sciency and non-sciency links for you.

First, some sciency stuff:

  1. Moon snails. ‘Nuff said.
  2. The ecological genomics of Vibrio cholerae, which causes cholera.
  3. A post of mine about antibiotic resistance.
  4. Most E. coli aren’t bad for you.

Other stuff:

  1. A piece by Joe Conanson on “The Jersey Hustler”, former governor Thomas Kean. Apparently, he not only plays fast and loose with the facts surrounding Sept. 11th, but also his fiduciary responsibilities as a director of a publicly-held company.
  2. Freedom is on the march in Pakistan, particularly if you murder American journalists. Just like with North Korea, Little Lord Pontchartrain gets rolled.
  3. The economy: it’s the healthcare expenditures, stupid.
  4. Tristero: “The political crisis in America today is not betwen the Left and the Right, but between a numerically small but extremely dangerous, very wealthy, well-connected, and powerful cabal of extreme rightwing radicals and the rest of the country.”
  5. Republican cannibalism.
  6. When your treatment of POWs is worse than the Nazis, you have problems.
  7. Emergency responders were just Bush Administration props after all.
  8. The Democratic ‘Leadership’ Council encourages Republican NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg to run as an independent for president. Hey assholes, what part of Democratic escapes your pointy little heads?
  9. Even if the votes were to be counted accurately, the elections won’t reflect the will of the people.
  10. Brad DeLong gets theological.
  11. Evan Bayh is challenging Barack Obama to be the Joe Lieberman of the Democratic Party.
  12. An interesting post on nuts and bolts political infrastructure.
  13. Maha reaffirms her membership in the Coalition of the Sane.
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