Labor Day Links

Merry Labor Day! Gut Yontif! Here’s a whole bunch of Labor Day links for you:

  1. Thomas Frank lays out a new direction for the Democratic Party.
  2. ScienceBlog’s very own Ed Brayton has a good post on FISA and hypocrisy.
  3. Razib has a nice treatment of effective population size
  4. Some commentary on Keith Olbermann’s editorial about Donald Rumsfeld.
  5. David Sirota describes how the Republican-sponsored bankruptcy bill is screwing our GIs.
  6. A liberal walks into a bar…
  7. Orcinus discusses how utter disrespect for the law isn’t limited to crazy “Freemen” anymore.
  8. Some possible Democratic strategies.
  9. Giant Conger Eels. Need I say more?
  10. An excellent piece by a teacher about the stupidity of assessment examinations.
  11. Glenn Greewald writes about cowardice, courage, and captivity.
  12. ScienceBlog’s Doc Bushwell writes about being targeted by animal rights idiots.
  13. David Sirota on the War on Workers.
  14. A good post about why workers aren’t joining unions.
  15. Finally, I have a post about the health costs of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
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