Two Sad and Silly Items

Item #1: Another Ha’awaian bird, the po’ouli, has become extinct. Will this cause grat catastrophe? No, but if Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction speaks to some sort of moral decline, what does another extinct species mean?

Item#2: In a rather vacuous article about Christmas celebrations, the following struck me:

“In Mustang, Okla., parents last week voted against an $11 million bond for schools, after the superintendent excised a nativity scene at the end of the annual Christmas play. They then erected their own manger outside the auditorium, with signs saying “No Christ. No Christmas. Know Christ. Know Christmas.”

I just want to make sure I understand this: because parents are angry about a decision made by the principal, they have decided to lash out at their own children. What can one say about this? “Thank you sir, may I have another?” Talk about misplaced anger.

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