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Where Did the Term ‘Core Microbiome’ Come From?

In an excellent post about the vaginal microbiome (the microbes that in the vagina), Dr. Rad asks: I wonder if the idea of a ‘core microbiome’ came from Lourens Baas Becking’s oft-quoted idea in microbial ecology that ‘Everything is everywhere, … Continue reading

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A Handy Transformation for Microbiome Data

Handling non-normal frequency data that also have zeros.
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The E. coli O104:H4 Outbreak Gets More Confusing–and Potentially More Disturbing

I engage in some speculation, and hope that I’m very, very wrong.
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Are Shiga-Toxin Phages E. coli Diseases? (File Under Speculative Hypotheses)

Or maybe wild-ass speculation.
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When Economists Misunderstand Biology

And why it matters: we need economists to be better economists.
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I, For One, Welcome Our Gammaproteobacterial Arsenic-Using Overlords: Why Old School Microbiology Still Matter

This paper demonstrates the need for culturing organisms. That’s something we should emphasize when we train students and post-docs.
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Some Thoughts About the Statistics of the Human Microbiome

Big critter ecologists have thought about this kind of data for decades, and we should learn from them.
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The Great Mortification of Economics: What Happens When Natural History Is Removed

Ignoring history and indulging physics envy in an attempt to glimpse the Economic Godhead.
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‘Hopeful Monsters’: Nothing in Evolution Makes Sense Except in the Light of E. coli (and Shigella)

Bacterial evolution muddies up the water.
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Methicillin Resistance in MRSA: Evolve and Spread Locally, Not Globally?

For at least one clone of MRSA, it looks like there isn’t pandemic spread of a resistant clone, but, instead repeated gene transfer into a highly prevalent sensitive S. aureus background.
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