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I Know Beavers Are Important Ecosystem Engineers…

…but, based on the below specimen, I’m having a hard time believing it. You see, beavers can have massive effects on ecosystems: Beavers are famously busy, and they turn their talents to reengineering the landscape as few other animals can. … Continue reading

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On Boston’s Fishweirs and the Demise of Coral Reefs

Andrew Revkin, in response to a NY Times op-ed claiming that the coral reefs are doomed, finds some other marine ecologists who disagree. Frank Bruno states: It is scary, but is it true? I don’t think so. I have been … Continue reading

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Heuristics Are Not a Cognitive Flaw, But a Necessity in an Uncertain World

So says economist Gerd Gigerenzer. As far as I’m concerned, this video is essential viewing for not only economists, but also biologists, especially those interested in behavior. As one behavioral ecologist I know once quipped, “I don’t believe in optimal … Continue reading

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Where Did the Term ‘Core Microbiome’ Come From?

In an excellent post about the vaginal microbiome (the microbes that in the vagina), Dr. Rad asks: I wonder if the idea of a ‘core microbiome’ came from Lourens Baas Becking’s oft-quoted idea in microbial ecology that ‘Everything is everywhere, … Continue reading

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A Handy Transformation for Microbiome Data

Handling non-normal frequency data that also have zeros.
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The E. coli O104:H4 Outbreak Gets More Confusing–and Potentially More Disturbing

I engage in some speculation, and hope that I’m very, very wrong.
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Are Shiga-Toxin Phages E. coli Diseases? (File Under Speculative Hypotheses)

Or maybe wild-ass speculation.
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