Links 11/16/23

Links for you. Science:

Scientists have discovered what may be the first ‘vampire’ virus (fascinating)
Postdoctoral scientists are mentors, and it is time to recognize their work
Hostility Unmasked: Scientists on the Frontlines of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic
Whole-genome sequencing predicting phenotypic antitubercular drug resistance: meta-analysis
Who should pay for open-access publishing? APC alternatives emerge
Invasive tick species is expanding its reach in U.S., researchers say


Dr. Jerome Adams Was Right. They Wanted Them Infected. That’s a Fact.
Trump Wants Us to Know He Will Stop at Nothing in 2025
Vivian Silver, a peace activist, is missing (turns out she was murdered by Hamas)
Take Trump at his word when he threatens to punish his enemies
The suicide of a gender non-conforming GOP mayor reveals the incoherence of the right’s culture wars: Instead of thanking a Breitbart writer for outing their leader, this conservative Alabama town is outraged
Kevin McCarthy accuses Matt Gaetz of pushing for his ouster as revenge over ethics probe
Should We be Worried About the Deficit Now?
Our conversation about campuses is elitist and misleading. We can fix that.
Andreessen Horowitz Invests in Civitai, Which Profits From Nonconsensual AI Porn
Trump Was ‘Not Going To Leave’ The White House, Lawyer Testifies In Georgia Case
The Next Generation of Law Students Is Obsessed With Lina Khan
Anonymous Neighbors File a Second Lawsuit Seeking to Block a West End Homeless Shelter: The Aston has drawn opposition from wealthy neighbors and property owners since the city proposed the project earlier this year.
Trump’s plan for giant detention camps points to a brutal 2024 reality
‘A Disaster On Top of an Already Existing Disaster’: Bowser Is Winding Down Oversight of D.C.’s Juvenile Justice System, Just as Conditions for Kids Deteriorate
Getting an Itemized Hospital Bill Is Basically Impossible
Has It Ever Been Harder to Make a Living As An Author?
‘Moms for Liberty’ Fanatics Lose Out Big-Time
Elon Musk railed against shadow bans—now he’s using them on his critics
The Paradox of Tom Friedman’s Resurgence
Vermont May Be the Face of a Long-Term U.S. Labor Shortage
Joe Biden Is A Better Dresser Than Donald Trump: A bold truth the mainstream media won’t tell you
The Religion of the Engineers is the Hopium of Silicon Valley: More on Andreessen and “tech optimism”
The Republican Party is Falling Apart, and Nobody’s Noticing (a bit triumphalist, but interesting)
Trump reminds us: History also repeats when people take the wrong lessons
Nearly 1 in 4 white evangelical Christians voted for Ohio’s Issue 1
Strain of Israel-Gaza war engulfs idyllic New York City suburb

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  1. Kaleberg says:

    Wow, the Vermont nightmare is real! Imagine, rising wages, increased automation and jobs with the possibility of advancement. It’s a complete dystopia.

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