Stop When You Get to the Bad Part

Someone who was busted with Viagra in violation of a plea agreement burbled the following:

“Today’s young men are totally supportive of somebody else buying women their birth control pills because make sure the women are — sex is what it’s all about it!” he insisted. “Sex, sex, sex. That’s what it’s all about. Everybody wants it, and whatever it takes to make it safe. And if it takes the taxpayers buying women birth control, the men are for it too.”

“It’s cheap insurance, and if this is what women want before they’ll have sex, fine,” Limbaugh continued. “We were brought up with the idea that sex has consequences, and that it’s somewhat special. And that if you want something, you provide it yourself, you don’t ask somebody else.”

The social conservative obsession with ‘consequence-free sex‘ is mind-boggling, along with the belief that sex can’t be ‘special’ without the looming threat of pregnancy.


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5 Responses to Stop When You Get to the Bad Part

  1. coloncancercommunity says:

    You know what’s strange about this? I really DID stop when I got to the bad part…Proof positive that a normal brain can only absorb so much lunacy before it screams “STOP!!!”

  2. Dbp says:

    He just sounds like he’s angry that no one is having sex with him. I mean, I can’t possibly fucking imagine some guy gettig into sexy times mode with someone then learning “this won’t change everything in every way” and then immediately going flaccid. Who wants god damn consequences? How can someone travel internationally for (possibly illegal?) sex be angry that people are getting laid without their lives changing, unless they are angry that they are not getting any any more

  3. I keep thinking that Rush can’t get any worse – then he proves me wrong. Over and over again. First rule of holes, Rush. When you’re in one, stop digging.

  4. David says:

    “If you want something, you provide it yourself, you don’t ask somebody else.”

    That approach might be all that’s available to guys who mistreat women.

  5. mrtoads says:

    “We were brought up with the idea that sex has consequences” .. for women. Not so much for men, although the enduring myth of the shotgun marriage still exerts a powerful pull. These folks just go rabid about sex. The generations pass, but the frothing madness stays the same. For some reason a lot of us never actually grow up. I blame our reptilian ancestors…

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