Links 11/10/23

Links for you. Science:

Towards Standardization of Phage Susceptibility Testing: The Israeli Phage Therapy Center “Clinical Phage Microbiology”—A Pipeline Proposal
Long COVID in the United States
Bertagnolli confirmed as new head of National Institutes of Health
Could seed-sowing drones transform ravaged landscapes?
The hunt quickens for vaccines and antibody therapies against opioids
U.S. drafts plan to bring grizzly bears back to Washington’s North Cascades


“I’m so tired of these psychos”: Moms for Liberty is now a toxic brand
I Have Never Been to This Israel Before (gift link)
The public doesn’t understand the risks of a Trump victory. That’s the media’s fault
A law that helped end slavery is now a weapon to end affirmative action
Elephants: Covid and ethics reshape Thailand’s tourism industry
What happened to a missing $6M gold toilet? Despite charges, no one can say.
The fight over return-to-office is getting dirty
Monumental asking D.C. for $600M for Capital One Arena, sources say (Abe Pollin’s teams didn’t win, but he didn’t do this shit either)
Our Year of Watching Elon Musk Ruin Absolutely Everything At Twitter
This gonzo treasure hunter uses magnets to plumb Baltimore’s Inner Harbor
Voters aren’t fooled by Republican lies on abortion — and Democrats are benefiting at the ballot box
Metro inspector general resigns one day after releasing critical audit: Rene Febles is Metro’s second inspector general to leave after raising concerns about his office’s autonomy and its ability to hold Metro accountable
Liberals Win A Majority In Battleground Virginia School Board Race: Loudoun County has become a poster child for the battle over culture war issues in public schools, including trans students’ rights and discussions on race.
Virginia just showed Democrats the way to win in 2024: Republicans’ hopes they could largely reprise their 2021 strategy in the state fell flat.
Cornel West, RFK Jr. Flirt with Antisemites
D.C. Police Union Sues Auditor Over Report That Revealed Rehiring of Problematic Officers
Ohio Republicans Are Already Beefing With the Will of the Voters On Abortion and Weed
Forced-birther Republicans in Ohio, Michigan refuse to accept voters’ will on abortion
The House Censured Rashida Tlaib for Political Speech Plain and Simple: It was terrible political speech, but legislatures that gag themselves are not legislatures.
Right to Life sues to block Michigan’s voter-approved abortion rights law
The Supreme Court’s Big Gun Case Was Humiliating for the Justices
Democrats’ Biden problem is really a party coalition problem
Hungry (but Not for Human Contact), Americans Head for the Drive-Through
Andreessen Horowitz would like everyone to stop talking about AI’s copyright issues, please
24 Takeaways From Tuesday’s Off-Year Elections

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