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Stops Making Sense
Multidrug resistance plasmids commonly reprogramme expression of metabolic genes in Escherichia coli
Mutational spectra are associated with bacterial niche
One in 10 Quebec health workers could be reached by long COVID (translated from the French)
Intragenomic conflicts with plasmids and chromosomal mobile genetic elements drive the evolution of natural transformation within species
Knowing and Naming: Phage Annotation and Nomenclature for Phage Therapy


What Elections Are For: A preemptive reply to some arguments I expect to hear in 2024 (“The choice is not between the lesser of two evils. The choice is whether you would rather spend the next four years fighting to improve the status quo, or spend them fighting to preserve it.”)
Israel-Palestine war: How Hamas sees the Gaza conflict unfolding – and why it thinks it can win (to me, the key point, if taken at face value and that’s a big if, is Hamas thought some crazy Jewish fanatics were going to sacrifice a red heifer on the Temple Mount–and this was a major factor in the decision to launch an operation that murdered 1,400 people and resulted in over 200 hostages)
What happened to this Wisconsin day-care should concern us all
When Blindness Hits A Hundred Bucks A Share, Then Who Will Be Laughing, I Ask You, “Doctor”
Supreme Court Corruption And The Folly Of Preemptive Surrender: Democrats will put a squeeze on Clarence Thomas, Sam Alito, and their bribers. Good!
Elite colleges failed to fight antisemitism. But these academics did.
Why Norway — the poster child for electric cars — is having second thoughts
A newspaper giant tried to diversify its staff. White workers sued. The proposed class-action lawsuit against Gannett is among a wave of recent cases claiming some corporate diversity policies disadvantage White employees
San Francisco Mystery Property: How a $13.5 Million Dirt Lot Explains the City’s Housing Crisis
U.S. envoy for combating antisemitism decries rise in anti-Jewish incidents
Bernie Sanders suggests Israel should change its strategy if it wants more funding
The People’s House is back in business — and crazier than ever
It is Actually Possible to Oppose Bias Against Jews and Muslims at the Same Time: A revealing complaint from the right.
AI fake nudes are booming. It’s ruining real teens’ lives.
Children Shouldn’t Be Outside Anyway
What I saw when I watched videos of the Hamas attack
Chatbots May ‘Hallucinate’ More Often Than Many Realize: When summarizing facts, ChatGPT technology makes things up about 3 percent of the time, according to research from a new start-up. A Google system’s rate was 27 percent.
D.C. mayor resurrects old policy to target open-air drug markets
AI Search Is Turning Into the Problem Everyone Worried About
Red Line shutdown threatens busy holiday season for arts groups, retailers
Moms for Liberty members call the cops on Florida librarians (such horrible people)
Why Banks Are Suddenly Closing Down Customer Accounts
Why Does the Right Hate America?
Pamela Smith Is Cruising to Confirmation as MPD’s New Chief. But Big Questions Linger About Her Leadership.
Pro-Bibi Newspaper Changes Tune and Calls for His Resignation After War Ends: Yisrael Hayom, the historically pro-Netanyahu newspaper, denounces the PM’s ‘political bickering’ and declares that he should step aside. ‘Stop throwing blame all around, take responsibility and accept that the buck stops with you.’
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