Links 11/7/23

Links for you. Science:

If You Plant Milkweed, They Will Come. (And Not Just the Butterflies.) These underappreciated plants attract a “hungry throng” of beneficial insects. They’re not bad to look at, either.
Orcas Are Learning Terrifying New Behaviors: From sinking boats and feasting on shark livers to dining on whale tongue and tossing porpoises around for fun, orcas are displaying some fascinating—and sometimes terrifying—behaviors
Researchers revolt against weekend conferences: Parents are pushing for employers to respect family time and keep meetings strictly to working hours. (government scientists often get shafted on weekend conferences too)
Bears can count, take selfies, use tools, recognize supermodels, and even open car doors. Scientists studying bear intelligence want to know: What else can they learn?
What is the impact of Long Covid in the Omicron era?
Fall back: How daylight saving time can affect your health


Are American Jews Caught in a Tide of Anti-Semitism? (must-read; gift link)
No, Joe Biden Does Not Support Genocide: Solidarity with innocent lives doesn’t require saying things that aren’t true
‘I Killed 10 Jews With My Own Hands’: IDF Screens Raw Hamas Footage For Journalists
At Harvard, survivor recounts terror at Israeli music festival during Hamas attack
Democrat Joe Manchin Wants To Kill A Major Pro-Union Reform
Greenville was quiet. Then a hometown kid became YouTube’s biggest star. Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson brought jobs to his North Carolina hometown. Now locals are part of the show, whether they like it or not.
Make Mike Johnson Famous: If Republicans vote for a medieval insurrectionist, and nobody knows, does it count?
This Extremist Group Calls Itself A ‘Parental Rights’ Org. Now It’s Targeting School Boards In 1 Key State.
Aw, It’s Nice to See Mike Johnson Making Friends: Especially given that his attempt at linking emergency aid to Israel with cuts to the IRS was barbecued in bipartisan fashion once it arrived in the Senate.
Police Reports, Audio Show SD27 Republican Nominee Tara Durant “instigated a confrontation with [peaceful] protesters” and “tried to hit them with her car as they stood in a crosswalk” (she seems nice)
This 11-Year-Old Brownsville ISD Honor Student Was Put in Solitary: A fifth-grader from Brownsville ISD reported being bullied by his principal. Five days later, he was handcuffed and detained.
AI Cameras Took Over One Small American Town. Now They’re Everywhere
This ‘Violence-Ready’ Militia Is Hiding in Plain Sight: White supremacist Active Clubs are growing exponentially — “They’re Who The Proud Boys Wanted To Be,” one researcher says
When Will Abortion Workers Get Their Hot Union Summer? (progressive institutions treat their workers like shit)
American Society Wasn’t Always So Car-Centric. Our Future Doesn’t Have To Be, Either.
Target CEO blames aggressive behavior, serious threats for pulling some Pride merchandise
On WIRED magazine’s startup phase (1993-1997)
A Forgotten Vault Where Michelangelo Hid and Sketched For Months Opens for the First Time
Virginia white voters’ mail-in ballots face fewer challenges, Democrats say
The Great Social Media–News Collapse: Big Tech’s relationship with journalism is much more complicated than it appears.
Tuesday’s Election Will Determine if Virginia Becomes the Next Florida
Many despise the end of daylight saving time. Some can’t wait.
The Folksy Fanaticism of Mike Johnson
Waste-water analysis firm Biobot fights to retain federal COVID testing contract
The Economy Versus the Economic System: Understanding objections to the Biden economy.

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