Links 11/4/23

Links for you. Science:

How deep is the brain? The shallow brain hypothesis
Dangerous invasive species are colonizing aquatic plastic debris
World’s smallest particle accelerator is 54 million times smaller than the Large Hadron Collider — and it works
A lapse in COVID wastewater detection is worrying scientists about distorted data
The Scientists Watching Their Life’s Work Disappear
Second snow crab season canceled as researchers pinpoint cause


The Israel War Crime Complexifier: Israel has the right to defend itself and deter further invasion, but foreign policy insiders, and now Sullivan and Biden, are increasingly discussing the thresholds for retaliation, particularly under the covenants of international law. What does that mean for Israel—and Hamas? (important; gift link)
The Decolonization Narrative Is Dangerous and False: It does not accurately describe either the foundation of Israel or the tragedy of the Palestinians.
Why Do Your Cold Meds Not Work? Thank Meth & Big Pharma (“for years now you have likely been taking a cold medication that doesn’t work, because the one that does work was used to make a street drug via a method that hasn’t been in use for at least the past decade.”)
Detecting Covid surges is getting harder, thanks to a contract dispute: A quarter of CDC-sponsored wastewater surveillance sites are shut down.
12 questions for radical House Speaker Mike Johnson.
Biobot Analytics files protest against CDC issuing wastewater surveillance contract to Verily
Why a Texas Panhandle city hit pause on a proposed abortion “travel ban” — for now
These D.C. Police Officers Work So Much Overtime They Out-Earn The Mayor
Transit workforce needs new solutions to survive
4,000-year-old cuneiform tablets illuminate the personal lives of Mesopotamian businesswomen
Former state sen. Holmberg indicted on child sex tourism & pornography charges; pleads not guilty (it’s always self-projection)
No Wonder Donald Trump Loves Mike Johnson
The age issue is catching up with Donald Trump, and it could hurt him far more than it does Biden
The Secretive Industry Devouring the U.S. Economy: Private equity has made one-fifth of the market effectively invisible to investors, the media, and regulators.
How Trump’s Verbal Slips Could Weaken His Attacks on Biden’s Age
China’s Age of Malaise: Party officials are vanishing, young workers are “lying flat,” and entrepreneurs are fleeing the country. What does China’s inner turmoil mean for the world?
A Brief History of the Office Cubicle: In the 1960s, Herman Miller popularized the open office. The lead designer lived to regret it
The hidden culprit driving America’s apocalypse of boarded-up storefronts
Metro’s $750m budget shortfall could lead to bus & rail service cuts, employee layoffs
The ADL Is Defaming Palestinian Students as Terrorist Supporters
I Am Tired Of Trying To Reason With You People
D.C.’s First 24/7 Sobering Center Opens This Week
Does New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson Have a Bank Account? (would be hilarious if he did all his transactions in crypto…)
Mike Johnson is a pro-gun Christian nationalist. Yes, be afraid.
The new War on Drugs isn’t working any better than the old one did…

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