Links 11/3/23

Links for you. Science:

Slaying the vampire that is killing bats
We now know female chimps go through menopause. Here’s why that’s a big deal.
A plurality of Americans believe God created humans without evolution: Most believe in a divine role in human emergence (but read this for some important caveats)
Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus detected for the first time on cattle farms in southern France
The Viral Threat Almost No One Is Thinking About: Flu viruses and coronavirus started the last few pandemics. Could the next one be a paramyxovirus?
Spy Satellites Over Syria Reveal Hundreds of Ancient Roman Forts


Is A Two State Solution Really No Longer Possible? (pretty much my take on it; gift link)
Mike Johnson’s Satanic panic: How evangelical delusions trained Republicans to love Trump’s lies (my take here)
Playing a Moderate, Antonin Scalia’s Daughter Wants a Virginia School Board Seat
You’ll Want To Hear About Speaker Mike Johnson’s Record On Obamacare
The Biden administration should rethink its Israeli-Palestinian policies
There’s Nothing Progressive About Tearing Down Posters of Israeli Hostages: A truly left position requires us to recognize that empathy is not a zero-sum game—and that we can, and must, mourn the deaths of both Palestinians and Israelis.
Colony Ridge reflects Texas conservative values. It gets bashed anyway.
Mike Johnson’s Wife Runs Counseling Service That Compares Being Gay To Bestiality, Incest
Trump’s Lawyers Should Be Laughed Out of Court
From bullet holes to bloodstains: Documenting a synagogue mass killing. Five years after a deadly shooting, the congregations at the Tree of Life weigh what to keep for future generations
Israeli Peace Activists Who Lost Loved Ones in the Hamas Massacre Stand Their Ground
It’s the culture war, stupid: How Republicans view the presidency
Russians storm airport in attempt to attack passengers of Israeli flight
How Trump’s Verbal Slips Could Weaken His Attacks on Biden’s Age: Donald Trump, 77, has relentlessly attacked President Biden, 80, as too old for office. But the former president himself has had a series of gaffes that go beyond his usual freewheeling style.
Nazis of Color
The Israeli Officials I Speak With Tell Me They Know Two Things for Sure
Arab World Begins to Wonder: Did Hamas Miscalculate With Its Attack Against Israel? As time passes, and as destruction spreads, questions are being asked both in the West Bank and Gaza about what Hamas has done, and whether it was truly done in the interests of the Palestinian people (no, it was, as is always the case with ‘foreign policy’, strongly driven by domestic politics within the PA/Gaza)
Kansas Speaks poll proves majorities support bold change, but GOP leaders have plugged their ears
Bring Back the Israeli Hostages, at Any Price
After Hounding Hunter Biden about Taxes for Months, Mike Johnson Coddles Rich Tax Cheats
“How Does it Feel to be Jewish?”
Running in a Body That’s My Own
City hit with class-action lawsuit seeking to overturn permanent outdoor dining program (the people bringing suit seem to be long-time killjoys)
Ohio Quietly Purges 27,000 Voters From Rolls Ahead of Abortion Vote: The anti-abortion Secretary of State Frank LaRose (R) ordered the cancelations before voters decide on Issue 1, which would codify abortion in the state.
Misinformation is flowing ahead of Ohio abortion vote. Some is coming from a legislative website
The Christofascism of Mike Johnson

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