Links 11/2/23

Links for you. Science:

Outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant Infections Compared with Seasonal Influenza and Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infections in Adults Attending the Emergency Department: A Multicentre Cohort Study
Diarrhea-Causing ‘Crypto’ Parasites Are Surging in the UK
SARS-CoV-2 Exposures in a Large Gathering Event and Acquisition of COVID-19 in the Post-Vaccintion Era: A Randomized Trial is Possible During the Pandemic
Open-access reformers launch next bold publishing plan
‘Excruciating’ hornet sting leaves Rome dinner party guest on crutches as plague spreads
Masks During Pandemics Caused by Respiratory Pathogens—Evidence and Implications for Action


Please, Israel, Don’t Get Lost in Hamas’s Tunnels
A tale of two pandemics: The enduring partisan differences in actions, attitudes, and beliefs during the coronavirus pandemic
Mike Johnson’s Wife Takes Down Website That Compared Being Gay To Bestiality, Incest
America’s Rifle Fetish Is Destroying Its Sense of Freedom
Hot Pursuit
Return To Office is all about power
Inside D.C.’s Thriving Community Of Greyhound Enthusiasts
Mike Johnson’s Campaign Contributions From Company Tied to Russia
The Politics of Trunk or Treat
Biden Says Goodbye to Tweezer Economics
Sam Bankman-Fried doesn’t recall: Bankman-Fried gets a shot at his side of the FTX story — then promptly shreds his own credibility with the jury.
The closer you look, the more Netanyahu resembles Trump
Mike Johnson, Polite Extremist: The new speaker of the House has deep ties to proponents of the New Apostolic Reformation, a movement that helped fuel the January 6th insurrection.
Media platforming and the normalisation of extreme right views
Netanyahu, self-styled peerless leader, refuses to accept he presided over catastrophe
A New Wave of Anti-Semitism Sweeps Across Germany
The Great Reordering: There can be no doubt now that an epochal shift is underway in how the economy—in America and across the globe—is governed. The mystery is how a moderate, conventional politician like Joe Biden engineered it. (largely by using authorities Democratic presidents could have used at any time in the last thirty years…)
House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Long Crusade Against Birth Control
‘Without prevention, you end up with a fire’ For Kremlin insiders, anti-Semitism in the North Caucasus was a joke — until it wasn’t (the key thing is that antisemitic violence always has its immediate genesis in the need of politicians or businesspeople to scapegoat someone)
Debunking the Latest Attack on Social Security
The White House Is Preparing for an AI-Dominated Future: President Biden’s big swing on AI is as impressive and confusing as the technology itself.
Want to Be a College Professor? Get Ready to Move. (once I left academia, I wound up staying in places for more than six years…)
Mike Johnson Has a Dangerous Victim Complex
They went hunting for fossil fuels. What they found could help save the world
Oh No, Steve, How Could Have Done This
National broadcast and cable networks are barely covering Trump’s recent gaffes and incoherent statements

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