Links 10/16/23

Links for you. Science:

Sick of your kids being sick? Clean air in schools may be the answer
Doctors share distress signs after “unusual number” of child deaths
Nearly 1,000 Birds Die After Striking Chicago Building
Major data analysis errors invalidate cancer microbiome findings
Feeling Terrible After Your Covid Shot? Then It’s Probably Working.
RSV hospitalizations have worse clinical outcomes for older Americans than flu, COVID


Does SBF Really Seem Like A Guy Who Just Wants To Do Good
Jim Jordan, Who’s Running For Speaker, Played A Key Role In Trump’s 2020 Election Plot
Shouldn’t we be hearing more about Jim Jordan and the Ohio State wrestling team sex-abuse scandal? Allegations that he knew of the abuse and did nothing seem relevant to his trying to become third in line to the nuclear codes
MAGA Wouldn’t Be Such a Threat if the Electoral System Worked
‘Built Hopes Up To Break Them Down’: Kenilworth Courts Residents Say D.C. Housing Authority Betrayed Redevelopment Promises
The Halal Conspiracy At The Heart Of The Menendez Corruption Scandal Had Many Victims
Maryland’s 2023 traffic fatalities may top 2007’s grim death toll
For The First Time In 14 Years, The Zoo Will Charge For Its Annual Holiday ZooLights Event (BOOOOOOOOO!!!! I’m really not happy with much of what the Smithsonian has done over the last few years)
How The Supreme Court’s Next Gun Ruling Could Impact Mass Shootings
Just a Minor Threat Captures the Spirit of the HarDCore Movement
Boston goes begging on Beacon Hill for more liquor licenses
Robert White Wants to Hire More Crime Scene Technicians. But Will That Solve the Crime Lab’s Deeper Problems?
Congressional Term Limits Might Break Congress
Is the White Working Class anti-Immigrant?
Who Did in Kevin McCarthy? Maybe Not Gaetz. Maybe Not Even Trump.
The Two Words That Can Make Health Care a Nightmare: Prior authorization buries doctors in paperwork and delays care, sometimes with disastrous results.
An Orange County entrepreneur’s $60-million legal battle to stop Apple from steamrolling startups
Hamas has taken a risk with its largest ever military blow to Israel
How Israel was duped as Hamas planned devastating assault
The Israel-Hamas War Is Drowning X in Disinformation: People who have turned to X for breaking news about the Israel-Hamas conflict are being hit with old videos, fake photos, and video game footage at a level researchers have never seen.
Your Jewish Friends are Not Okay Right Now
Dem-leaning States Project group pours $4.5 million into Virginia legislative races
Home Depot Tracked a Crime Ring and Found an Unusual Suspect
KY Family Foundation wants to ‘promote a biblical world view.’ Many in the GOP are on board
Gaza’s shock attack has terrified Israelis. It should also unveil the context

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