Links 10/15/23

Links for you. Science:

Fair coins tend to land on the same side they started: Evidence from 350,757 Flips
DeSantis administration caves on COVID statistics, agrees to massive data dump
The New Normal: Delayed Peak SARS-CoV-2 Viral Loads Relative to Symptom Onset and Implications for COVID-19 Testing Programs
Positively glowing: fluorescent mammals are far more common than earlier thought, study suggests
Ranking versus rating in peer review of research grant applications
Autoimmune and Autoinflammatory Connective Tissue Disorders Following COVID-19


Tragedy in Israel: Those who talk about a two-state solution are living in a world that hasn’t existed for a decade. Both sides have hardened to an exclusionary extreme that precludes compromise or coexistence. The events of the last week will ensure that even the embers of those hopes are doused cold. (excellent & pretty much what I’m thinking–gift link)
Amazing Stuff
The ‘high tide of American antisemitism’ makes Israel attacks foreboding
Who Runs the Best U.S. Schools? It May Be the Defense Department.
Guns are seized in U.S. schools each day. The numbers are soaring.
The US library system, once the best in the world, faces death by a thousand cuts
Why 70 aging federal jurists should make way for younger judges
Former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice advises Republican leader against impeachment
A long-disputed property in D.C. changes hands, but a question remains
Madeline Albright’s Georgetown Home Hits the Market For $4 Million
After years of exaggerating his business assets, Trump confronts them in court
What Is Going On At The Columbia Heights CVS?
D.C. Elections Board Says Hackers May Have Accessed Voter Data
Why the Full Employment Created by Bidenomics Should Be Celebrated
Mask mandates are returning to some hospitals. Should they be there to stay?
America does not have a good food culture
Israel’s Most Important Papers Have Been Merciless to Netanyahu. Good On Them.
For years, Netanyahu propped up Hamas. Now it’s blown up in our faces
Rumors swirl over DeSantis’ cowboy boots on Trump social network (lol)
Red state conservatives are dying thanks to the people they vote for
Trump’s climate of intimidation
Partisan views on COVID vax harden post-pandemic
Will Voters Send In the Clowns?
How Do We Survive the Constitution?
The Price-Fixing Economy
Amazon’s Alexa has been claiming the 2020 election was stolen
Hamas Just Torched Biden’s Deal to Remake the Middle East

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