Links 10/14/23

Links for you. Science:

At the end of the Mississippi, a saltwater wedge overwhelms a community
How a few bags of dirt could help make the planet more resilient to climate change
‘Freak of nature’ tree is the find of a lifetime for forest explorer
Feeling terrible after your COVID shot? Then it’s probably working.
If your dog could speak, would you like what it said?
Syphilis, the ‘Great Pretender,’ is back: The shock resurgence of an old disease is causing pain and misdiagnoses. New cases are outpacing public health officials’ ability to keep up.


Is COVID pandemic or endemic? A discussion with Boston University epidemiologist Dr. Eleanor Murray
Trump’s violent rhetoric is getting muted coverage by the news media
If Biden can cancel some student debt, he can cancel all of it
Fox News tries to referee House GOP chaos but cancels speaker ‘debate’
The ADL’s decision to resume advertising on X is a terrible capitulation
Home Depot just can’t top Skelly, the 12-foot king of Halloween
Does SBF Really Seem Like A Guy Who Just Wants To Do Good
Ohio’s GOP supermajority tests limits of democracy before abortion vote
Abandoning the Poor
The harm caused by D.C.’s broken 911 system goes beyond deaths (Bowser is incompetent)
Team Trump readies attacks on RFK Jr. as spoiler anxiety grows
Zoom made employees return to the office to feel your hybrid pain (so they say…)
Trump Is Lying About Another Election Being ‘Stolen’ From Him — The One Still A Year Away
Illinois Democrats drew new maps. They pushed the GOP to the right.
These Pilots Were Sued For Quitting. They Say It Was Dangerous To Stay.
If Republican ‘moderates’ ever acted, plenty could get done
Even as job creation surges, Americans still think the economy stinks. Here’s why (also, it’s not any one price, it’s a cumulative effect)
D.C. residents face long housing aid delays as 3,100 vouchers sit unused (Bowser is still incompetent)
Book bans in schools jumped 33 percent last year
Crocs unveils cowboy boots, spurs and all (lol)
Federal Judge Allows Oklahoma Ban On Gender-Affirming Care For Minors To Take Effect
The Best Little Magazine in Texas
GOP Dysfunction On Display– Let The New Speaker Votes Commence; Patrick McHenry, Acting Speaker!
Pity the Landlord
Term Limits
With McCarthy out, Democrats finish GOP’s civil-war battle

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