Links 10/12/23

Links for you. Science:

A next-generation intranasal trivalent MMS vaccine induces durable and broad protection against SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern (I hope the Biden administration is using some of its funds to push this into production)
Are you a vegetarian? It may be in your genes. Eating plant-based is good for the environment. But it might be easier for some people than others. (*maybe…)
Ancient footprints upend timeline of humans’ arrival in North America
Footprints in New Mexico are likely oldest sign of humans in the Americas, scientists say
Genetics firm 23andMe says user data stolen in credential stuffing attack
An Epic Fight Over What Really Killed the Dinosaurs: A machine learning model has joined a vigorous debate over whether volcanoes began dinosaur doomsday well before the asteroid hit.


Elizabeth Warren Just Backed an ‘Online Safety’ Bill That Will Harm LGBTQ Youth
We Don’t Actually Need Conservatism: A Not Very Modest Proposal
Leftists, save yourselves! It’s a bad moment for nihilistic self-indulgence
Elon Musk is a racist
Democrats are happy to boot Menendez as Republicans defend Trump
Trump pushes envelope with comment on the ‘poisoning’ of U.S. ‘blood’
Troops stormed a prison. They found inmates had built a luxury resort.
Jim Jordan touts this year’s most significant ‘accomplishment’: As part of his speaker bid, Jim Jordan touted an immigration bill as the year’s “most significant legislative accomplishment,” but it didn’t pass Congress.
A Fox host suggests that the answer to divisions is war, not voting
Trump’s recent confession about the border wall underscores an inconvenient truth: Republicans love giving speeches about immigration, while doing nothing about the issue.
Chaos, sabotage, vengeance, vulgarity: House Republicans implode
Franklin’s Gabrielle Hanson Would Like You to Know That She Didn’t Hire Those White Supremacists
Florida approved an SAT alternative, but experts say the test is unproven
Workers Funding Other Workers’ Misery
Liberty University broke safety laws for years, government asserts
The latest Trump movement shows the GOP is over: The fact that any House Republicans are seriously considering Trump to replace McCarthy shows just how utterly broken the Republican party is
I Was Almost Elon Musk’s Twitter Voice
GOP knives out for Nancy Mace: The South Carolinian’s move to join seven hardliners in ousting Kevin McCarthy is confusing her colleagues about her political persona — and prompting active calls for revenge.
Jim Jordan has based his career on enabling Republican crimes
Aurora officials capture culprit responsible for multi-day crime spree — a 400-pound pig named Fred
Right-wing groups target asylum-seekers on Staten Island
How India’s Hindu Nationalists Are Weaponizing History Against Muslims
Lawyers, Not Persuaders: The anti-labor law firm Littler Mendelson’s reputation is a premier example of the limitations in existing labor law.
Michael Benz, a conservative crusader against online censorship, appears to have a secret history as an alt-right persona
Chicago becomes largest US city to independently abolish subminimum wage for tipped workers
Linda Yaccarino again claims advertisers are returning to X. Here are the facts.
Let’s Talk about ‘PodiumGate’

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