Links 10/10/23

Links for you. Science:

Viral kinetics of sequential SARS-CoV-2 infections (“These findings provide evidence that, like vaccination, immunity from a prior SARS-CoV-2 infection shortens the duration of subsequent acute SARS-CoV-2 infections principally by reducing viral clearance time.”)
The Harvard Professor and the Bloggers: When Francesca Gino, a rising academic star, was accused of falsifying data — about how to stop dishonesty — it didn’t just torch her career. It inflamed a crisis in behavioral science.
Inferred Attractiveness: A generalized mechanism for sexual selection that can maintain variation in traits and preferences over time
SoCal cities desperately need more shade. Is it time to finally ditch palm trees?
Biden Administration Waives Laws to Rush Border Wall Construction Through Texas Wildlife Refuge (this is a continuation of Trump’s policies; fucking shameful)
It’s Taken 30 Humans To Raise This Motherless Monkey At The National Zoo


How Dare The Democrats
ADL says it will resume advertising on X following feud with Elon Musk (utter capitulation)
Trump’s escalating violent rhetoric is straight out of the autocrat’s playbook
More than 75,000 Kaiser Permanente workers begin multistate strike
CDC is no longer distributing Covid-19 vaccination cards, once a staple of the pandemic
A liberal Black city has become Va. Gov. Youngkin’s unlikely project
The Great Zelle Pool Scam
Arizona governor moves to end Saudi-owned farm’s controversial leases
Senator Elizabeth Warren Supports Bill To Silence LGBTQ+ Voices
Delete your digital history from dozens of companies with this app
John Fetterman wants people to stop fussing about his use of captioning technology
The moment I knew the world would try to move on from Jamal Khashoggi
When Will Abortion Workers Get Their Hot Union Summer? (progressive institutions so often treat their employees like shit, while conservative ones treat their workers like future leaders, even if they don’t apply that philosophy to the larger economy)
The future of the GOP is now its past
Michael Lewis seems like kind of a jerk: The Blind Side author has been saying terrible things about Michael Oher for a decade
Texan Suing Ex’s BFFs Over Abortion Allegedly Promised to Drop Lawsuit for Sex: According to a new court filing, he also allegedly threatened to release intimate videos of his ex-wife unless she did his laundry (as feminists have been telling us, it’s about power and control, not ‘protecting life’)
N.Y.P.D. Sergeant Shown on Video Pummeling Man Is Charged With Assault: Sgt. Christian Zapata was demoted after he punched a man who asked him and other officers to put on masks, prosecutors said. (fucking coward)
Staten Island Protesters Torment Asylum Seekers With Speakers and Flashlights
Wu seeks funding for Boston police unit she pledged to dismantle (when Boston needed it, the BRIC was useless)
How a Big Pharma Company Stalled a Potentially Lifesaving Vaccine in Pursuit of Bigger Profits
Vermont State University president recommends cutting 10 degree programs and up to 33 faculty positions
Why Are People Struggling To Get A COVID Vaccine? Here’s What To Know In The D.C. Region
When score-settling is policy: What McCarthy’s ouster reveals about the modern GOP
Judge upholds $18 minimum pay for NYC delivery workers
Nebraska Requires 40 Hours of Therapy, 7-Day Wait Before Trans Kids Can Start Medication. Hmmm, where have we heard about waiting periods for medical care before?
Elon Musk’s $13 billion whip hand against Wall Street: How interest rates and the financial disaster at Twitter put the world’s richest man in the driver’s seat
Revealed! Exposed! Unbelievable! The shocking hypothesis why misinformation is out of control. A plea for treating misinformation as a demand problem

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