Links 10/6/23

Links for you. Science:

An Invasive Mosquito Threatens Catastrophe in Africa: A malaria-carrying species that thrives in urban areas and resists all insecticides is causing outbreaks in places that have rarely faced the disease.
Repurposing HIV antiretroviral drug efavirenz against chikungunya virus
Complete Sequencing of the bla NDM-1-Positive IncA/C Plasmid from Escherichia coli ST38 Isolate Suggests a Possible Origin from Plant Pathogens
Illumina: DNA giant in troubled waters
Spotted-tailed quoll thought extinct in South Australia caught at Beachport after 130 years
Letter of Support for AAA’s Withdrawal of Session from the Annual Meeting (discussion of sex and gender by people who actually know what they’re talking about)


Metro’s Financial Crisis Demands Leadership from D.C. But the Prospect of New Taxes is Making Politicians Skittish. The regional transit agency is facing a $750 million deficit. Leaders know it needs a dedicated source of funding, which almost certainly requires some politically unpopular choices. (They’re going to have to raise some taxes, and, heaven forbid, cut something–perhaps ‘defund the police’, if you will)
Little Things
To beat Trump, strip away ‘strongman’ veneer to show weak, befuddled man within
More students gain eligibility for free school meals under expanded US program
19 Bridgeport school staffers, 41 students test positive for COVID-19 as cases rise across CT (in the music industry and the sports world, this is known as a ‘mystery illness’…)
Trump’s Promise of Lawlessness
Mom of 5-year-old killed on bike convinces thousands to demand change
Elon Musk calls for jailing San Francisco supervisor Dean Preston
TV is dead! Long live TV? Television’s boom may be over, but its experimental energy persists. Here’s a look at TV’s next wave. (the cycle of enshittification reaches TV)
Elon Musk crosses the border to Nazi: He’s blown past blatant antisemitism and is now aligning with Jew-hating, right wing Germans. What else would you call that?
He saw his future dashed
Donald Trump’s economic populism doesn’t exist, so it must be invented
D.C. school boundary study sparks debate, worry from parents. City officials say they are trying to balance many imperatives, including student populations, equitable resources and proximity for families
How the Elon Musk biography exposes Walter Isaacson: One way to keep Musk’s myth intact is simply not to check things out.
Once common, Senate deaths in office are now rare
COLAs Are Great, but Woefully Insufficient: Adjusting wages to the rising costs of living, as the UAW is demanding, is necessary, but the gap between investment income and wages will still keep rising.
Adams campaign donors say they can’t recall their contributions, raising concern from law enforcement, election watchdogs
Technology Can’t Predict Crime, It Can Only Weaponize Proximity to Policing
There are more of us than there are of them: The people dying from COVID were voters
Elon Musk Hit With Lawsuit For Falsely Accusing Man Of Being Part Of Neo-Nazi Brawl
Pediatricians, parents struggle to get updated covid vaccine for kids
JPMorgan’s Dimon Predicts 3.5-Day Work Week for Next Generation Thanks to AI (Dimon will still require his employees to show up five days per week)
Sam Bankman-Fried is not a child
Looking for a Stage: Where do public-facing political scientists go now?
Clarence Thomas Has Yet Another Huge Conflict of Interest
‘Red Caesarism’ is rightwing code – and some Republicans are listening

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