Links 10/5/23

Links for you. Science:

Genomic surveillance for antimicrobial resistance — a One Health perspective
SARS-CoV-2 infects coronary arteries, increases plaque inflammation (paper here)
The strain on scientific publishing
skDER: microbial genome dereplication approaches for comparative and metagenomic applications
High attack rate in a large care home outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 BA.2.86, East of England, August 2023
Connecticut state trawling crew hauls up massive stingray from Long Island Sound


What if the Framers Got Something Critical Wrong?
Republicans’ Belief COVID Is Getting Worse Is Growing Fast (still low though)
Remember: The Saudis Are The Problem
GOP lawmaker says furloughed workers shouldn’t expect sympathy
Proud Boy who disappeared ahead of his Jan. 6 sentencing was found unconscious by agents at his home
Judge Gives Trump Organization the Corporate Death Penalty
Pro-choice groups push to repeal Colorado’s ban on public funding for abortion
The Trump administration touted him as a victim of #MeToo. Now he’s accused of dismembering a girlfriend
Sea lion at Central Park Zoo escapes flooded enclosure, swims to freedom as heavy rain batters NYC
U.S. captain Zach Johnson says illness hit Ryder Cup team (another ‘mystery’!)
Why Is the GOP Suddenly Defending Bob Menendez?
She challenges one school book a week. She says she’ll never stop. (what a horrible person)
Kendi raised millions with promises to conquer racism. What went wrong?
The high-stakes art of naming new apartment buildings
Body-shaming isn’t limited to the world of ballet
The Battle Royale To Succeed Sen. Bob Menendez Is Just Getting Started
Et tu, GLX? The Green Line extension was supposed to be a glorious respite from the rest of our ancient, messed-up MBTA system. Yeah, nah.
Libs Of TikTok post instigates another round of bomb threats
In Portland’s version of Mass. and Cass, efforts to sweep away homelessness are being challenged: Officials in Maine’s largest city are being urged to end the policy of sweeping homeless encampments.
This Might Be the Most Cringeworthy “Impeachment” Inquiry in US History
Morgenthau, Bragg & a Manhattan Nazi Art Heist Saga
Why the Mainstream Media Loved Trump’s Fake Pro-Workers Rally
The Ava DuVernay/Netflix Suit No One Talks About
Stop Arguing Over Elite Schools. Just Make Public Colleges Free.
What Happens if the U.S. Stops Aiding Ukraine?
Trump gave a speech. It was weird. Super weird. Why isn’t the media’s hair on fire?

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