Links 10/4/23

Links for you. Science:

To protect wild bumblebees, people have to find them first
The Secret to Beetles’ Unfathomable Diversity
Lingering COVID virus in tongue linked to long-term taste loss (for the next time you read COVID minimalists about how food doesn’t taste good anymore)
Study suggests poor environmental controls may aid spread of resistant pathogens (paper here)
How Many Microbes Does It Take to Make You Sick? Exposure to a virus isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. The concept of “infectious dose” suggests ways to keep ourselves safer from harm.
Bactabolize: A tool for high-throughput generation of bacterial strain-specific metabolic models


Why Is Target Closing Stores? Data casts doubt on the company’s implication that it’s due to rising crime.
The Democrats’ Lost September (“It was almost as though [Democrats] forgot they are participants in a campaign that will make or break American democracy and instead took a lengthy nap under a tree.”)
A funding dispute could cost D.C. 65 new units of affordable housing (Bowser is bad at governing)
Can’t afford a house in L.A.? Here’s how that happened
Trump Didn’t Go to Michigan to Support Autoworkers: So why did so many news outlets report he did?
Still At It
The One with Reagan’s Ghost
Families concerned about temporary library closures at Escondido Union School District over ‘inappropriate’ content
US Home Insurers Are Leaving Climate Risk Areas. We Need Affordable Housing Now
Why I Care About Drones – Part One
Tennessee’s lost reproductive healthcare funding will go to Planned Parenthood
‘Continuous’ masking returning to B.C. hospitals, clinics, care homes (Canada)
NFL issues statement in response to placement of its ads on white nationalist Twitter/X pages
A Better Conversation
Trump’s autoworker speech was a scam: If voters in Michigan are wondering what Trump’s promises are worth, they can ask people in the coal fields of West Virginia.
A study in contrasts: Biden stands with auto workers, while Trump looks down upon them
S.B.F.’s McConnell Money Tickle, Part 2. As the trial of the century looms, three scoops shed new light on how Sam Bankman-Fried, and even former paramour Caroline Ellison, were part of the McConnell-DeSantis matrix.
DC Is Distributing More Housing Vouchers To Youth Aging Out Of Foster Care, Thanks To Recent Reforms
San Francisco’s mayor wants drug testing for welfare recipients (the 90s are back baby!)
What It’s Like To Own the Cars That Became a Viral Sensation To Steal
Tesla workers faced slurs, racist graffiti and retaliation, federal suit says
The dazzling mendacity of Vivek Ramaswamy
New data on ultra-rich tax cheats wrecks the ‘working-class GOP’ ruse
Florida auto shop owner and angry customer shot each other to death, police say
He live-streamed his attacks on Indian Muslims. YouTube gave him an award.

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