Links 9/26/23

Links for you. Science:

Many people hate wasps, but research shows they’re smarter than you might think and ecologically important
One Health Approach to Globalizing, Accelerating, and Focusing Amphibian and Reptile Disease Research—Reflections and Opinions from the First Global Amphibian and Reptile Disease Conference
Continued selection on cryptic SARS-CoV-2 observed in Missouri wastewater
Convalescent plasma may lessen the odds of long COVID
Identification of mobile genetic elements with geNomad
Ghost forests haunt the East Coast, harbingers of sea-level rise. Stands of dead and dying trees are spreading. Researchers are trying to track their movements and their implications.


Return to the office? These workers quit instead. (I bet they don’t think the economy is doing well!)
Airlines Are Just Banks Now
Tesla is the next biggest union target in the United States. Sorry, Elon Musk
Smithsonian American Art Museum Unveils Renovated Modern And Contemporary Galleries
The SATs Will Be Different Next Year, and That Could Be a Game-Changer
This Is About As Fiery As You’ll Ever See Merrick Garland
Va. lawmakers seek recognition of tribe erased by ‘paper genocide’
Taking Inclusion Seriously: Kevin Elliott’s Democracy for Busy People
The Story of Lorem Ipsum: How Scrambled Text by Cicero Became Used by Typesetters Everywhere
Warren County tries to control local library in LGBTQ+ book debate
Donald Trump Is Trying The Same Trick That Got Him Elected In 2016: On abortion and a few other issues, the former president is using all sorts of rhetorical misdirection to avoid being tagged as an extremist. (in other words, lying)
City of Yes Yes Yes! Adams Calls for Elimination of Parking Mandates on ALL New Housing
Remember when NFTs sold for millions of dollars? 95% of the digital collectibles may now be worthless. (only 95%?)
Northwest D.C. Little League has been cheating for years, lawsuit alleges (lol)
To understand how much trouble the GOP is in from abortion watch this ad running now in *Kentucky*
Brain Spike
Here are the documents the Google antitrust trial judge didn’t want you to see: We hope they’ll come back online officially — but for now, here they are.
Clarence Thomas secretly participated in Koch network donor events
The Spy Who Shushed Me: How the Government Is Removing Our Right to Read in Private
Senator Robert Menendez Is Indicted in New York: Mr. Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, was charged six years after his trial in a different corruption case ended in a hung jury.
The Sycophant (good, but I think this said it better)
How a Government Shutdown Could Upend Virginia’s Key Legislative Elections
Are “Never Trump” Republicans Actually Just Democrats Now? Some are already hardcore progressives. And pollsters, politicians, and analysts from both parties say it may just be a matter of time before the rest switch parties, too.
This D.C. Artist’s Work Was Stolen From A Local Gallery. But She’s Not Calling The Cops
Transit in the Washington region has a future, if we plan for it
Elon Musk, a ‘bike crash’ and the ever-anxious mob

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