Links 9/14/23

The automatic scheduler wasn’t very automatic, so here are some delayed links for you. Science:

The US government cancels DEEP VZN, a controversial virus-hunting program (concerns over the public release of viral sequences are stupid, but unclear what this program has actually detected)
How did NASA create breathable air on Mars? With moxie and MIT scientists.
Performance of Rapid Antigen Tests to Detect Symptomatic and Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection : A Prospective Cohort Study
Quantity of SARS-CoV-2 RNA copies exhaled per minute during natural breathing over the course of COVID-19 infection
Wide dissemination of Gram-negative bacteria producing the taniborbactam-resistant NDM-9 variant: a One Health concern (it really is problem)
How deep-sea mining for EV materials could wipe out tuna populations


COVID lockdowns saved millions of lives — so of course Ron DeSantis is angry about them
Let’s put a stake in the ‘great man’ biography — starting with Isaacson’s ‘Elon Musk’ (leaves a mark)
On H Street, Some Black Business Owners Say They’re Fighting The Neighborhood
The inside story of how the Navy spent billions on the “Little Crappy Ship”
Elites (“The governor of Florida is a person with immense power who comes out of those elite institutions (Yale BA, Harvard JD). Shouldn’t this refocus the concern about the problems with these institutions just a bit? Just what is going on at Harvard that is produces such people?”
This right-wing Supreme Court majority is rapidly turning our legal system into a sick joke
Happy Rudy Giuliani Day
Cognitive ability, health policy, and the dynamics of COVID-19 vaccination
Most Americans have gone years without a raise: survey (the reality is most people get ‘raises’ when they switch jobs, or a major promotion–which is essentially a new job)
A New JFK Assassination Revelation Could Upend the Long-Held “Lone Gunman” Theory
California pharmacies are making millions of mistakes. They’re fighting to keep that secret
Right-wing rag more upset by crying toddler than 1 million dead (also, toddlers cry when you make them wear clothes, so consider the source of the ‘complaint’)
Alabama exposes a new constitutional landmine on abortion: States have not tried to police what happens in other jurisdictions since the Civil War.
Ignore Jack Smith’s Critics: The prosecutions of Donald Trump are something to celebrate, not lament.
The Supreme Court Has Deformed Our Politics at Every Level
The Big City Where Housing Is Still Affordable
The Wisconsin G.O.P.’s Looming Judicial Attack: A state Supreme Court justice—recently elected in a landslide—may be impeached before she ever hears a case.
Elon Musk’s Antisemitism Problem Isn’t About Free Speech (it’s David French, but clock stopped twice a day and all that…)
From prime time to lurid tales in a shed: the rapid descent of Tucker Carlson
Republicans try an abortion rebrand — but it will just backfire
In Alabama, White Tide Rushes On
Anti-choice states aren’t satisfied. Now they want to punish traveling for abortions
The Authors of ‘How Democracies Die’ Overestimated the Republicans
As Ukraine Aid Benefits Their Districts, Some House Republicans Oppose It: The American push to fund Kyiv’s war effort has created big economic opportunities for Mesquite, Texas, and other cities around the country. Some of their G.O.P. congressmen want to end it.
Trump advisers plot aggressive new tax cuts for second White House term: Although the 2017 GOP tax law proved unpopular, the former president is eyeing deeper cuts to the corporate rate

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