Links 8/31/23

Links for you. Science:

Late at night on a deserted beach, she found a 15 million-year-old fossil
What’s with all the mushrooms? What to know about the fungi flourishing this summer.
How to find extended-spectrum beta-lactamase genes?
We are not empty: The concept of the atomic void is one of the most repeated mistakes in popular science. Molecules are packed with stuff
SARS-CoV-2 can cause lasting damage to cells’ energy production
Horseshoe crabs have roamed the planet for 450 million years, but they could be running out of time


Long COVID is debilitating children. Doctors worry there aren’t enough centers to treat them: Doctors and parents say it can take months to get treatment — if their symptoms are even taken seriously
Covid Denialism
Vivek Ramaswamy wants Elon Musk to be his presidential adviser—and likes the chainsaw approach he used at Twitter
The War Within the Young Republican Party
Medicare Price Negotiation: Ten Drugs That Made the List, and Ten That Should Have
It Was Right There In The Name
The Forgotten Radicalism of the March on Washington
Paved down the middle, by a government that had no pride
The World’s Oldest Cat Door Has Been Letting Working Cats Enter the Cathedral Since the 14th Century
Martin Luther King’s Dream at 60: King offered Americans the choice between acting in accordance with the constitution and resistance—often violent—to change. In many ways, we face the same choice today.
How We Forgot the “Jobs” Part of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom
Free Dental Care Showing Positive Results For Seniors In D.C. And Montgomery County
D.C.’s Efforts to Take Back Control of Parole from the Feds Are ’As Good as Dead‘: Between Mayor Muriel Bowser’s missteps and aggression from Congress, D.C. looks unlikely to regain parole authority anytime soon. (Bowser et alia don’t want to do this; from their perspective, this is not a failure)
Another Baltimore nonprofit stopped paying rent. More tenants face eviction.
This Year’s Most Bruising Political Battle Will Be in Virginia
Fox News’ Bret Baier runs COVID segment casting doubt on vaccine boosters and questioning the number of deaths reported (Marty Makary is the interviewed assclown)
Trump’s Calendar of Crime and Grifting Is of No Concern to Judge Tanya Chutkan
User Fees
GOP lawmakers in Wisconsin scheme to remove elections chief: The nonpartisan official says she has been put in an “impossible, untenable spot.”
Republican Voters Don’t Punish Fascism (paper here)
Naomi Klein on following her ‘doppelganger’ down the conspiracy rabbit hole – and why millions of people have entered an alternative political reality
EV Chargers Should Be Dumber
Teen killed outside McDonald’s in sweet-and-sour sauce dispute, police say
Secretaries of state might decide to keep Trump off the ballot
Judge orders default judgment, sanctions against Rudy Giuliani in election workers’ lawsuit (A MESSAGE TO YOU, RUDY)
An FBI source, a Burisma deal, the Bidens and details that don’t match up

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