COVID Gaslighting and Who’s Doing It

I’m finding it surreal that we’re approaching a surge in many parts of the U.S., and the CDC director is encouraging people to wash their hands–and no mention of masking. At the same time, patients are fighting a battle to require masking in hospitals (something the CDC is not supporting), even as some U.S. hospitals are mandating masks.

It’s tempting to see this and blame the CDC, but don’t kid yourself: the broad contours of policy aren’t being run from the CDC, but the White House. This isn’t to absolve CDC Director Mandy Cohen, but she was chosen because she would be politically reliable–the White House isn’t going to choose someone who is going to buck White House Chief of Staff Zients (who is a horrible person).

Anyway, COVID is rising, especially in the D.C. area, so wear a mask when you’re indoors, and, when it becomes available, get the monovalent booster.

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  1. Greg Paul Lanman says:

    I agree with the CDC’s position of not rocking the boat. The political infrastructure is gunning for public health, otherwise, why would they cut the CDC’s budget for FY24 by over $2B? It is as if the CDC is being punished for trying to prevent or control infectious diseases.

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