Links 8/28/23

Links for you. Science:

This latest covid variant could be the best yet at evading immunity
Scientists Say New Device Can Scrub 99.9 Percent of Microplastics From Water
Stop kissing and snuggling turtles, CDC warns amid salmonella outbreak
The biggest likely source of microplastics in California coastal waters? Our car tires
“Burned House” Mystery: Why Did This Ancient Culture Torch Its Own Homes Every 60 Years?
Lyme Disease Has Exploded, and a New Vaccine Is (Almost) Here


Tales from the S.B.F. Bankruptcy Black Hole: How a Democratic startup, Deck, got trapped in M&A purgatory between FTX, Zuckerberg, Rory Gates, and the billionaire philanthropy-industrial complex.
They’ve gone under the radar—but “We’re in a different/a better place” are admin talking points, sometimes used in parallel to “we have the tools.” Jha, Walensky, Becerra, Murthy, Biden, and the WH press secretary have all invoked the idea of being in a better/different place.
The Silicon Valley Elite Who Want to Build a City From Scratch
Prigozhin’s Treason & the Price of Betrayal
The Unsolvable Problem
War & Profit: Inside Moscow, the war economy is booming: restaurants are packed, businesses have pivoted to Asia, and, somehow, elites are richer than ever. But with prices rising and the ruble plummeting, insiders worry the good times are a mirage.
How Labor Movement Can Win at the Bargaining Table
Trump Fatigue & the Slow Arc of Justice
This Is Only Going to Get Worse Until We Make It Stop
Chat’s Entertainment: ChatGPT and the coming blandification of AI
The Trans Sports Panic Has Reached Peak Stupidity
Anthony Fauci rebuked Rand Paul, and it still stings
There Should Not Be “Religious Exemptions” To Laws
The secret life of Druids: The Greeks and Romans portrayed these elusive priests as bogeymen who bathed in their victims’ blood. Who were they really?
Tens of Millions: The persistence of American poverty.
Multiple people killed in ‘racially motivated’ shooting at Dollar General in Florida (he originally was going to target an HBCU, but was turned away by security)
The completely correct guide to the best social media app for you
I’m not liking what I’m seeing in the ER
Countries are starting to give wild animals legal rights. Here’s why.
The Left Made Them Do It
5,000 pilots suspected of hiding major health issues. Most are still flying.
Wise Distinguished Elder Statesman, Newt Gingrich
As fires and floods rage, Facebook and Twitter are missing in action
Nikki Haley Repeats Call To Raise Retirement Age For Millennials And Gen Zers
Netflix will send 10 extra DVDs to customers, and now says you can keep them
Is Trump disqualified for the N.H. primary? The secretary of state is seeking legal advice.

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